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Solution has been tested with the following Milestone products
XProtect Essential+ supported XProtect
XProtect Express supported XProtect
XProtect Express+ supported XProtect
XProtect Professional supported XProtect
XProtect Professional+ supported XProtect
XProtect Enterprise supported XProtect
XProtect Expert supported XProtect
XProtect Corporate supported XProtect
Husky M20 not supported Husky
Husky M30 not supported Husky
Husky M50 not supported Husky
Husky M500A not supported Husky
Husky M550A not supported Husky


Allied Telesis offers a diverse portfolio of products starting from the X Series networking switches, to a range of features, that enhance the ability to securely and reliably transport surveillance video and information from Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS) across an IP network.

Allied Telesis support different types of solutions within the security industry with:
Up to 24 video IP cameras – small size implementation
Up to 200 video IP cameras – medium size fully resilient implementation
Unlimited video IP cameras – large scale digital video surveillance environment

The network architecture supports Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS). The system guarantees broad, low-latency wire speed QoS and flow-based traffic management with full classification, prioritization, traffic shaping and min/max bandwidth profiles.

Allied Telesis manages its switches through Allied Telesis Management Framework (AMF), which is replicating the management functionality of Milestone XProtect VMS for the networking environments. AMF allows companies with medium and large networks to enjoy ultimate simplicity of deployment and management, enabling integrators to quickly deploy IP networks and make efficient use of resources.

Key features

  • Power over ethernet support
  • Network protection – double on data paths and power supply
  • Guard against network storms
  • High-security authentication for all IP cameras and encoders
  • Alarm trap for disconnected IP cameras and port shut down
  • Accurate multicast and bandwidth management
  • Intelligent Network Management Framework (AMF)
  • Easy resiliency for multiple head-ends support
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • IPv6 ready for future proof
  • Industrial grade devices
  • DIN rail and 19" equipment

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Link to the IP camera, any wires

Link to the IP camera, any wires

Small size - AT-ix5 based

Small size - AT-ix5 based

Medium size implementation

Medium size implementation

Large scale video surveillance

Large scale video surveillance

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Other details

Last update: Jul 31 2018

Tested products by partner XProtect® Essential+ 2018 R1
XProtect® Essential+ 2017 R3
XProtect® Essential+ 2017 R2
XProtect® Express 2018 R1
XProtect® Express 2017 R3
XProtect® Express 2017 R2
XProtect® Express 2017 R1
XProtect® Express 2016 R3
XProtect® Express 2016 R2
XProtect® Express 2016
XProtect® Express+ 2018 R1
XProtect® Express+ 2017 R3
XProtect® Express+ 2017 R2
XProtect® Professional 2018 R1
XProtect® Professional 2017 R3
XProtect® Professional 2017 R2
XProtect® Professional 2017 R1
XProtect® Professional 2016 R3
XProtect® Professional 2016 R2
XProtect® Professional 2016
XProtect® Professional+ 2018 R1
XProtect® Professional+ 2017 R3
XProtect® Professional+ 2017 R2
XProtect® Expert 2018 R1
XProtect® Expert 2017 R3
XProtect® Expert 2017 R2
XProtect® Expert 2017 R1
XProtect® Expert 2016 R3
XProtect® Expert 2016 R2
XProtect® Expert 2016
XProtect® Corporate 2018 R1
XProtect® Corporate 2017 R3
XProtect® Corporate 2017 R2
XProtect® Corporate 2017 R1
XProtect® Corporate 2016 R3
XProtect® Corporate 2016 R2
XProtect® Corporate 2016
XProtect® Enterprise 2016 R2
XProtect® Enterprise 2016

Milestone Systems MIP SDK integrations are designed to be forwards and backwards compatible. We recommend that all integrations should be tested with the latest XProtect versions and Husky products in a non-production environment. Please use the partner’s contact details to directly request a more detailed compatibility report.

Product languages English
Industry City surveillance, Critical infrastructure / Utilities, Education, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing and industrial, Retail, Transportation
Solution availability Australia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, New Zealand, North America, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe
Integration type Protocol Integration
Solution type Hardware: Network
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Allied Telesis Inc. has been serving the needs of the network communications industry for over 30 years. Although the technology we design and build has evolved significantly over time, our hard-earned reputation for standards-based performance, product reliability and value has remained a constant, highly respected value to our customers and partners around the globe. Our solutions-based philosophy of producing products that deliver value to our customers, together with high-quality service and support, has resulted in a very extensive worldwide customer base.
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