Exgarde PRO by Time and Data Systems International Limited (TDSi)

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EXgarde PRO by TDSi facilitates the viewing of live and recorded video from the EXgarde Access Control Software while allowing access control events to be tagged with the recorded video for easy investigation and analysis.

The integration assigns access control or intruder events to specific cameras to allow video tagging for live video verification to ensure operators can react to alarm conditions as soon as they occur. Efficient search based on timestamps, tagged video, user activity or specific events allows users to quickly find evidence.

Key features

  • Display and view live video from a select camera within EXgarde PRO
  • Verify real-time video footage from any event within EXgarde PRO
  • Tag events as they occur to link to a recording of the video
  • View recorded video from within EXgarde PRO
  • Can be used with Texecom intruder integration to ensure compliance with Intruder Standard* PD6662 for video verification of alarms**

* The Standard requires that any intruder event is verified by audio or video prior to a police callout in order to reduce false alarms.

** PD6662 requires a secondary verification of an alarm condition which can achieved using real-time video through EXgarde PRO.

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Milestone configured with EXgarde PRO

Milestone configured with EXgarde PRO

Search Milestone NVR

Search Milestone NVR

Tagged events for keyholders

Tagged events for keyholders

Video Verification

Video Verification

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Last update: May 30 2018

Tested products by partner XProtect® Corporate 2018 R1
XProtect® Corporate 2017 R3
XProtect® Corporate 2017 R2
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XProtect® Corporate 2016 R3
XProtect® Corporate 2016 R2
XProtect® Corporate 2016
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XProtect® Corporate 6.0
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XProtect® Enterprise 2016 R2
XProtect® Enterprise 2016
XProtect® Enterprise 8.1

Milestone Systems MIP SDK integrations are designed to be forwards and backwards compatible. We recommend that all integrations should be tested with the latest XProtect versions and Husky products in a non-production environment. Please use the partner’s contact details to directly request a more detailed compatibility report.

Compatible partner product(s)

EXgarde PRO V4

Supported viewing clients XProtect Smart Client
Product languages Chinese (Traditional), English, French, Spanish
Industry Banking and finance, Commercial, Critical infrastructure / Utilities, Education, Government, Healthcare, Retail, Sport and leisure, Transportation
Solution availability Australia, Central Asia, Eastern Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, New Zealand, Northern Africa, Northern Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, Southern Europe, Western Africa, Western Europe
Integration type Component Integration
Solution type Access control and intercom: Access control
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TDSi’s diverse and comprehensive product range encompasses Access Control Systems, Biometric Readers, Security Management software and IP CCTV Video Management Software. The portfolio can be easily integrated into other security and BMS applications and can be deployed at businesses and organisations of all sizes and types. With customers all around the world, millions of people every day rely on TDSi cards to gain secure, reliable access to installations. ISO9001 accredited, TDSi’s access controls range from standalone products to networked and integrated systems for all sectors. The company has customers across a wide range of areas including: Healthcare, Finance/Banking, Education, Transportation, Ports and Airports, Utilities, Industrial and Commercial/Retail.
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