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[Свернуть]XProtect Corporate
 XProtect Smart Client - Hardware acceleration quick guide2019 R1210,34 KB
 XProtect Smart Client - Search and export video evidence quick guide2019 R13,88 MB
 XProtect VMS Products - Administrator getting started guide2019 R1590,06 KB
 XProtect VMS Products - Activate licenses quick guide2019 R1262,35 KB
 XProtect VMS Products - System Architecture Document2019 R11,04 MB
 XProtect VMS Products - Hardening guide2019 R12,58 MB
 Certificates Guide2019 R11,72 MB
 XProtect Web client - User manual2019 R11,95 MB
 Milestone Mobile client - User manual2019 R1486,74 KB