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Maximum scalability.
Minimum maintenance.
Global availability.

Deploy XProtect® worldwide and scale dynamically with minimum hardware and maintenance

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XProtect on AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers a new way of designing XProtect systems. It reduces hardware on-premises and leverages AWS Infrastructure and Platform as a Service to remove the friction involved in setting up and maintaining on-site VMS systems. The result is a highly flexible VMS solution deployed globally, with elastic compute, storage, and networking, that adjusts easily to the distributed needs of the business.



Deploy systems globally and dynamically scale in minutes

  • Access as much IT resources as needed in minutes
  • Scale your system dynamically in minutes to meet your needs
  • Cover multi-site installations in any AWS region worldwide with minimal effort
  • Connect remote or temporary sites to your VMS system in just a few clicks
  • Design the system that fits your needs with any on-prem/cloud combination
  • Compliment XProtect’s deployment with many AWS services available
  • Seamlessly upgrade to more advanced XProtect products without redeploying your system
  • No long-term contracts or up-front commitments

Reduce initial investment and turn expenditures into predictable costs

  • Reduce initial investment in hardware
  • Turn capital expenditure in data centers and servers into variable costs
  • Pay only for the compute, storage, and networking resources you actually use
  • Save time and money on procurement and maintenance, with servers ready-to-use in minutes
  • Optimize operational costs by partially outsourcing IT operations
  • Works with any XProtect license
  • Benefit from massive economies of scale and enjoy lower pay as-you-go prices
  • No long-term contracts or up-front commitments

Utilize AWS Infrastructure and Platform as a Service and ensure continuous operation

  • Join the world’s most commonly used cloud platform - AWS
  • Benefit from the most secure cloud environment available today
  • Leverage on a world-class and reliable infrastructure and enjoy a continuous operation
  • XProtect on AWS is built using AWS CloudFormation with highly secure subnets, gateways and security groups
  • Meet security and compliance requirements with AWS services and features
  • Deploy XProtect securely using AWS GovCloud (US) for government facilities and highly regulated  organizations


Which XProtect products are available on AWS Marketplace?
Milestone offers two products on AWS Marketplace: The free XProtect Essential+, which includes a license for up to 8 devices, and XProtect BYOL, which can be activated using a paid license to run any version of XProtect. XProtect Essential+ will be replaced with each release with the latest version. The latest version of XProtect BYOL will be added to AWS Marketplace, counting up to three versions backward.
When and where will the solution be available?
Milestone is committed to uploading the latest version of XProtect products to AWS Marketplace as close as possible to its release date. The next release of XProtect 2020 R3 will be available on AWS Marketplace starting November 3, 2020.
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Got more questions?
More questions are answered in our full FAQ document:
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