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Мы делаем все возможное, чтобы все страницы сайта milestonesys.com были доступны на максимальном количестве языков. Но на это нужно время. Некоторые из наших функций поддерживают несколько языков. Некоторые страницы, в частности эта, пока не доступны на вашем языке.
Благодарим вас за понимание.

Getting started with XProtect Essential+
We hope that you find XProtect Essential+ easy to use. However, Milestone has created support tools to help answer your questions about installation, setup or everyday use.

Installing the software

Download the Quick Guide to help you install and set up the software

Is your camera supported?

Visit the Supported Hardware page to see which cameras work with XProtect Essential+.

White info icon
If you need help

XProtect Essential+ has a comprehensive help system. Once you have installed the software, you can use the Management Application’s help menu or press F1 on your keyboard.

Viewing your video
XProtect Mobile lets you view your installation on your tablet or smartphone. Watch live video, play back recordings and even share snapshots while on-the-go. Download XProtect Mobile for free from Google Play and App Store . You can also view your installation from any web browser using the XProtect ® Web Client.

XProtect Essential+ Support Community
We’ve put together a variety of resources to help you get the
most out of your XProtect installation.

XProtect Essential+ Videos

Watch videos showing how you install and manage your system

XProtect Essential+ Forum

Get tips and advice from other Essential+ users

XProtect Essential+ FAQ

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions