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Book an XProtect demo

четверг, 2 ноября 2017

Автор: Toyah Hunting

Product News

Milestone XProtect VMS makes it possible to use video surveillance not only for security and safety, but for all kinds of cost-effective and process improvement operations in many industries.

The open architecture of Milestone products means that industries can create custom solutions based on the open platform of Milestone XProtect VMS. It makes it possible to incorporate new technology as it is developed to solve any challenge their business is facing. 

Different industries have different needs. Right now, you can help future users find the VMS solution they need by inviting them to sign up for a free, tailored and online demo on our Book a Demo landing page.

Once they have signed up, we schedule an informative 60-minute demo that will show them all the benefits of the greatest video management software money can buy. When someone books an online demo of our software, we tailor the session to fit the person in question’s needs and situation. We go through the most used functions and show how Milestone VMS can be used to keep people and assets safe in the user's particular industry and function.


Which industry is your potential customer in?

XProtect VMS can help customers who need to protect and manage their production, retail, education, health care and transport business processes. Government and city surveillance areas in which we see a particularly strong interest in our XProtect offering.

With XProtect add-ons like TransactLPR and Access Control, Milestone can tailor a solution that suits a customer’s particular facility and body of staff. In all these industries, XProtect VMS can help monitor and protect a site and its personnel from outside threats, be it fending off trespassers or using behavioral analytics to predetermine who is allowed in and out.


Let them find out for themselves

Please share milestonesys.com/book-a demo with your existing and potential customers.

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