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NEW: R1 Price List

понедельник, 8 января 2018

Автор: Toyah Hunting

Company News

With our first release of 2018 comes an updated price list.

The most significant changes are in our Husky Care Plus coverage. We have simplified the policy and pricing to make it easier to order Care Plus for Husky.

1. For Husky M20, M30 and M50, existing and discontinued SKUs, the MSRP of one year Care Plus will be same price regardless of the number of connected cameras.

2. For Husky M500 and M550, customers can extend Care Plus to a total of five years after the date of purchase. The MSRP of an additional year of Care Plus on Husky M500 and M500 is:

  • One year of Care Plus for a base license is the same price as one year Care Plus for M20, M30 and M50.
  • One year of Care Plus for a device license is the same price as an XProtect Expert device license.

3. The maximum Care Premium coverage for Husky M20, M30, M50, M500 and M550 is five years from the date of purchase.

These changes are valid as of February 20.

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