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21.02.2018Milestone Systems Launches System Builder Program Enabling the Milestone Community to Deliver Hardware with XProtect Software
System Builder enables hardware manufacturers to ship hardware with Milestone XProtect Essential+ software. Customers and the Milestone community will benefit from simplified deployment, hardware of choice and the ability to easily change level of VMS functionality.
21.02.2018Milestone Systems puts focus on Performance and Privacy in New Software Release
With the latest update of Milestone XProtect 2018 R1 video management software, Milestone introduces client-side hardware acceleration with NVIDIA and enhanced privacy masking.
19.02.2018Milestone Americas Supports Growth of the Open Platform Community with New Hires and Promotions
Expanded resources bring more expertise and fresh input for improving business
16.02.2018Argentina’s Vicente López District Turns to Milestone Technology to Prevent Crime
Milestone XProtect video management software receives and distributes data from all of the municipality’s security tools, ensuring that information helps city officials make better-informed decisions.
31.01.2018Creating an Intelligent World is the Theme for Milestone Community Days EMEA
Annual Milestone partner conference to be held in Barcelona highlights intelligent video, engaging the open platform community of Europe, Middle East and Africa.
04.01.2018University in Uruguay Achieves High Quality Security at a Lower Cost, Leveraging Existing Equipment
When moving to a new headquarters four times larger, the School of Information and Communication of the University of the Republic of Uruguay in Montevideo needed to implement a video monitoring system that provides high performance and reliability.