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The Boring Toolbox

Manage, deploy and monitor XProtect faster with bulk configuration, reporting and dashboards

Обновлено 8 февраля 2022 г.
Предоставлено The Boring Lab, LLC Контакты
The Boring Toolbox was created to make the monitoring & management of Milestone XProtect more efficient. Save hours (days) of time, provide better customer support and finally finish those boring management tasks, while at the same time monitoring VMS and camera health, compliance and cyber-security
Проверено Milestone
До 1000 +
What is needed

От The Boring Lab, LLC

  • Boring Server
  • Boring Client
Requires Windows 8 Pro or Server 2012 R2 Std and above

От Milestone Systems

  • Milestone XProtect
XProtect Corporate 2016R2 or higher
XProtect Expert 2016R2 or higher
XProtect Professional+
XProtect Express+

Where it is used?

How it works
How to install

The Boring Toolbox - Manage, deploy and monitor XProtect faster with bulk configuration, reporting and dashboards

How much would you give to have another team member to perform those critical but boring tasks that take up so much of your time? Well dream no more...meet your new team member, The Boring Toolbox, who will be a force-multiplier by helping with...

* monitoring camera health & recording server storage
* creating reports with always accurate information
* taking snapshots of all your cameras to insure video quality
* insuring compliance with video retention policies
* changing passwords on your cameras
* Renaming cameras to keep them consistent with your new naming standards
* curating device groups by camera model & recording server
* configuring adaptive streaming settings across all your cameras
* updating IP addresses for your cameras in Milestone
* and more...

Ready to meet your new team member in person? Reach out today for a demo or trial today!

Key features

  • Visualize Milestone XProtect VMS and camera health with beautiful dashboards
  • Perform management tasks in bulk including renaming devices and hardware, enabling and disabling, deploying HTTPS & updating IP addresses
  • Create beautiful reports with information from across the Milestone VMS including device data, snapshots, video retention and server information
  • Increase cyber-security with password synch between Milestone XProtect, Axis, Bosch, Hanwha, Arecont & Sony
  • Deploy adaptive streaming quickly. Update codec, frame rate, resolution and streaming mode in bulk regardless of driver or camera model
How it works

How to install


This is where you can find additional documentation

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Required The Boring Lab, LLC product(s)
All versions of The Boring Toolbox and server are supported

Has proven compatibility with the following Milestone versions:

  • XProtect
    2018 R3, 10.02 2018
  • XProtect
    2018 R3, 10.02 2018
  • XProtect
    2018 R3, 10.02 2018
  • XProtect
    2018 R3, 10.02 2018
  • XProtect
    2018 R3, 10.02 2018

Is also expected to work with:

  • XProtect
    2017 R2, 06.08 2017 и позднее
  • XProtect
    2016 R2, 06.01 2016 и позднее
  • XProtect
    2016 R2, 06.01 2016 и позднее
  • XProtect
    2017 R2, 03.28 2017 и позднее
  • XProtect
    2017 R2, 06.08 2017 и позднее

Country availability

Your location is: Соединенные Штаты Америки

    • Бангладеш
    • Бахрейн
    • Бруней
    • Вьетнам
    • Гонконг
    • Индия
    • Индонезия
    • Катар
    • Кипр
    • Малайзия
    • Мальдивские острова
    • Мьянма
    • Непал
    • Объединенные Арабские Эмираты
    • Оман
    • Республика Корея
    • Самоа
    • Саудовская Аравия
    • Сингапур
    • Таиланд
    • Узбекистан
    • Фиджи
    • Филиппины
    • Шри-Ланка
    • Япония
    • Австрия
    • Бельгия
    • Болгария
    • Венгрия
    • Германия
    • Гибралтар
    • Греция
    • Грузия
    • Дания
    • Израиль
    • Ирландия
    • Исландия
    • Испания
    • Италия
    • Косово
    • Латвия
    • Литва
    • Лихтенштейн
    • Люксембург
    • Македония
    • Мальта
    • Молдова
    • Монако
    • Нидерланды
    • Норвегия
    • Польша
    • Португалия
    • Российская Федерация
    • Румыния
    • Сан-Марино
    • Сербия
    • Словакия
    • Словения
    • Соединенное Королевство
    • Турция
    • Украина
    • Фарерские острова
    • Финляндия
    • Франция
    • Хорватия
    • Черногория
    • Чешская Республика
    • Швейцария
    • Швеция
    • Эстония
    • Австралия
    • Американское Самоа
    • Гуам
    • Кирибати
    • Новая Зеландия
    • Пуэрто-Рико
    • Французская Полинезия
    • Бермудские Острова
    • Гренландия
    • Доминиканская Республика
    • Канада
    • Коста-Рика
    • Мексика
    • Соединенные Штаты Америки
    • Американские Виргинские острова
    • Ангилья
    • Антигуа и Барбуда
    • Аргентина
    • Аруба
    • Багамские Острова
    • Барбадос
    • Белиз
    • Боливия
    • Бонэйр, Синт-Эстатиус и Саба
    • Бразилия
    • Британские Виргинские острова
    • Венесуэла
    • Гаити
    • Гайана
    • Гватемала
    • Гондурас
    • Гренада
    • Доминика
    • Каймановы острова
    • Колумбия
    • Кюрасао
    • Мартиника
    • Монтсеррат
    • Никарагуа
    • Панама
    • Парагвай
    • Перу
    • Сальвадор
    • Суринам
    • Теркс и Кайкос острова
    • Тринидад и Тобаго
    • Уругвай
    • Фолклендские острова
    • Чили
    • Эквадор
    • Ямайка

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What do others say?
Security Electronics Engineer, CoreCivic
июня 17, 2020
"The Boring Toolbox has become an integral part of our daily operation as we support our Milestone systems around the country. Now that we have surpassed 10,000 cameras, we would be unable to effectively maintain our systems without Boring. The suite of tools offered within the Boring Toolbox is truly a force multiplier and allows our small department to maintain our camera systems with ease. As if that were not enough, Ronin and Dani have supported us every step of the way and are constantly updating us on new developments. If all companies had this level of customer service, there would be far less problems in the world! Anyone running Milestone without Boring Toolbox is truly missing out!"
ICT & AV Specialist , Emmanuel College Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia
апреля 07, 2020
"Firstly, this amazing software enabled my team and I to consolidate and manage all previous passwords for our IP cameras giving us the ability to streamline our major security server upgrade. Secondly, I have never experienced such outstanding customer service, going above and beyond to ensure our user experience was premium, I couldn't recommend this software more, that and coupled with the service it's second to none."
Biomedical IT, VA
февраля 03, 2020
"Since starting to use the Boring Toolbox it has helped to make management of the surveillance system much more manageable. The dashboard provides a quick overview of the entire system. This makes it much easier to locate and isolate issues. Managing passwords used to be a pain to say the least, the boring toolbox has dramatically reduced the time required to manage and change passwords."
Project Manager, Mitie Security
октября 11, 2019
"This software is amazing! It paid for itself the first time I pressed "generate report" Installation was quick and simple, the interface is easy to use. Support has been responsive, proffesional and helpful. We will be using this software on other installations."
Field Services Engineer, Milestone Systems
сентября 24, 2019
"We have been using The Boring Toolbox to streamline our Professional Services Engagements and could not be more happy with the product. The bulk configuration capabilities, reporting, and overall functionality of the product is outstanding! If you need a force multiplier to help you manage your XProtect environment, this is your answer. "
Project Manager, Marathon Electrical Contractors
июня 20, 2019
"The Boring Tool Box has saved us countless man-hours. It is really easy to make mass changes across a large camera system with just a few clicks of a mouse."
Engineer, Stone Security
февраля 15, 2019
"The Boring Toolbox has helped save countless hours by taking the mundane tasks of password changes, and other bulk changes and speeding them up to a matter of minutes instead of many hours. Boring Labs is always adding new features and they listen to their end users and integrators to add new features frequently. "
Senior Operations Lead, Snap Inc
января 16, 2019
"Since we began to use The Boring Toolbox, we have seen intensive and time consuming tasks cut to a fraction of the time and effort. The Toolbox is simple and easy to use and is a force multiplier when it comes to manpower. The Support team is efficient, knowledgeable, and eager to help and streamline our process."
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