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Qumulo File Storage

Qumulo file storage is purpose-built for demanding, data-intensive video workloads of any size.

Обновлено 20 апреля 2020 г.
Предоставлено Qumulo, Inc. Контакты
Qumulo answers the challenge of unified video surveillance data storage; providing the required performance for any size workflow with the economics of archive storage. Allowing massive linear scalability to incrementally grow performance and capacity, when and where needed, with no downtime.
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What is needed

От Qumulo, Inc.

  • Qumulo File Storage

От Milestone Systems

  • Milestone XProtect
How it works
How to install

Qumulo File Storage - Qumulo file storage is purpose-built for demanding, data-intensive video workloads of any size.

Qumulo together with Milestone Systems XProtect® deliver a robust video surveillance solution that meets the demands of today and tomorrow’s workflows. As video surveillance data is ingested XProtect® writes the data to Qumulo which stores it in an environment that is fully protected from failures and data loss. Video assets are readily available to Milestone XProtect® users for playback and distribution.

Unlike traditional storage, Qumulo assures the most cost effective fail-proof data protection for small and large files with the use of erasure coding. Unlike triple replication used to protect data by many legacy systems, data is protected with minimal storage overhead. As video content resolutions have increased and is retained longer than in the past, the Qumulo solution provide linear scalability to allow organizations to incrementally grow capacity, using lower cost commodity hardware without downtime.

Key features

  • Cost effective fail-proof data protection and retention management for small and large files
  • Linear scalability to incrementally support higher storage capacity and performance
  • Real-time insight provides data-aware intelligence
  • Support future growth needs to hybrid cloud environments
How it works
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How to install


This is where you can find additional documentation

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Here you can find more information about installers and installation guides


Required Qumulo, Inc. product(s)
Any versioin of Qumulo File Storage greater than 2.7.0

Has proven compatibility with the following Milestone versions:

  • XProtect
    2018 R2, 06.07 2018
  • XProtect
    2018 R2, 06.07 2018
  • XProtect
    2018 R2, 06.07 2018

Is also expected to work with:

  • XProtect
    2018 R2, 06.07 2018 и позднее
  • XProtect
    2018 R2, 06.07 2018 и позднее
  • XProtect
    2018 R2, 06.07 2018 и позднее

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