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Vess A3340s-SBP/Vess A3340d-SBP

A new architecture for hardware and infrastructure platforms specific to the middle market.

Обновлено 18 июня 2020 г.
Предоставлено Promise Technology, Inc. Контакты
The industry-leading combination of Promise Vess Series for Milestone innovative video technology accelerates faster decision making by giving partners and clients the ability to rapidly deployment and achieve faster time-to-value across solutions, while significantly reducing TCO.
Проверено Milestone
До 1000
What is needed

От Promise Technology, Inc.

  • Vess A3340
Vess A3340s-SBP/Vess A3340d-SBP for Milestone System Builder Program

От Milestone Systems

  • Milestone XProtect
Milestone XProtect Product: Xprotect Professional + 2019 R1
Supported no. of Cameras: 140
CPU: Intel Xeon CPU E3-1275 V5@3.6GHz
RAID Level used or LIVE data (if applicable): RAID 5,8 Disks
RAID Controller Type: Promise RAID
GPU : Intel HD Graphics P530
Storage :28 TB
Windows Edition: Windows 10 Enterprise (10.0, Build 17134)
How it works
How to install

Vess A3340s-SBP/Vess A3340d-SBP - A new architecture for hardware and infrastructure platforms specific to the middle market.

Storing continuous video streams, often from hundreds of cameras, presents storage management challenges that are unique to video surveillance. As a cost saving measure, Milestone VMS employs a storage architecture specifically designed for efficient storage of multiple real-time video streams. One of Milestone innovations is multistage archiving for video and audio data that must be stored for a long period.
High Availability or HA is concept used in system design and service implementation, it refers to the ability to maintain a certain level of operational performance or service from a particular application in the event that some part of the system fails. An HA solution typically consists of failover clusters. A failover cluster is a set of loosely coupled servers with failover capabilities. Each system is self-contained and independent, the servers are monitoring the health of each other.

Key features

  • With the profound technology innovations, the Vess A-Series storage appliances offer the highest levels of performance for IP video surveillance.
  • The Vess A-Series of Storage Appliance are reliable integrated server and storage solutions for IP video surveillance.
  • Determining the requirements for a surveillance project can be time-consuming and requires complex configurations.
  • Reliable and easy to set up, Vess A-Series is the ideal server appliance for establishing a complete surveillance system.
  • Promise SMARTBOOST™ Technology significantly improves performance that is otherwise limited by storage equipment bottlenecks.
How it works

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Surveillance Planner

Where it is used?

  • The Open Storage Platform for Video Surveillance
    Promise Technology have continually redefined the storage industry. See More...
  • Video Surveillance Deployment for VOS Logistics
    Promise Technology Video Surveillance Deployment for VOS Logistics - Installed by Stanley Security
  • Video Surveillance Deployment for Base Logistics
    Base Logistics has been implemented the solution along with Vess A3340 brought by Promise Technology
  • The Art of Video Surveillance for Noordbrabants
    The Noordbrabants Museum needed a reliable video surveillance solution to protect it all.

How to install


This is where you can find additional documentation

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Here you can find more information about installers and installation guides


Required Promise Technology, Inc. product(s)
Vess A3340 for Milestone System Builder Program

Has proven compatibility with the following Milestone versions:

  • XProtect
    2018 R2, 06.07 2018
  • XProtect
    2018 R2, 06.07 2018
  • XProtect
    2019 R1, 02.05 2019
  • XProtect
    2019 R1, 02.05 2019

Is also expected to work with:

  • XProtect
    2018 R2, 06.07 2018 и позднее
  • XProtect
    2018 R2, 06.07 2018 и позднее
  • XProtect
    2019 R1, 02.05 2019 и позднее
  • XProtect
    2019 R1, 02.05 2019 и позднее

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