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2017 R2 Release Webinars

XProtect VMS release 2017 R2, including the new business-ready products
This webinar introduces Milestone XProtect 2017 R2, including:

•  Three brand new Business-ready XProtect VMS products for the small to-mid market

•  New capabilities in the Advanced XProtect VMS products

The webinar will discuss how the new range of Business-ready XProtect VMS products unlocks more opportunities for our partners and their customers, by introducing some of the VMS technology currently used in Milestone’s Advanced VMS products into the new Business-ready products for the small to-mid market.

Suitable for: Any Milestone partner

Day: Wednesday, May 17th
Time: 10.00-11.00 (CET)



Working with Milestone's new range of XProtect VMS products for the small to mid-market
Building on the VMS technology used in Milestone Advanced XProtect VMS products, the new range of Business-ready XProtect VMS uses a slightly different system architecture.

This webinar discusses the primary differences between the existing, and new Business-ready products, and how to optimize the benefits of the new features in the context of the small to-mid market.

Suitable for: Particularly intended for product managers and technical sales personnel who primarily have been selling Milestone’s existing Business-ready products.

Day: Thursday, May 18th
Time: 10.00-11.00 (CET)