Milestone’s Community Kickstarter is an innovation contest to inspire you – coders, developers, individuals or organizations to connect ideas and innovate.


Meet the finalists

Here are the 3 chosen ideas competing to win the 2020 Milestone Community Kicstarter Contest. The ideas were chosen based criteria such as novelty, feasibility, relevance and others.
Meet the three finalists at MIPS Dallas 2020 on February 17-19th, where the finale takes place and the winner will be announced.

Benoit Koenig
Representing Veesion, France

They are developing a gesture recognition technology in order to detect shoplifting in the retail industry. The idea is to plug this technology, based on deep learning, into an existing video surveillance system. Analyze the video streams and detect gestures, associated with shoplifting.

Benoit Koenig is the co-founder and COO at Veesion. Benoit was confronted with shoplifting on a regular basis when he was helping in his family owned supermarkets. During his studies in Artificial Intelligence, he saw the great potential of deep learning applied on videos. That inspired him to start Veesion with 2 other brilliant engineers.

Potential use cases are in retail.

Jennifer Ivens
Representing Canscan, Canada

Jennifer is the founder of Canscan, a technology company that offers automated container inspection services. It was impatience and ambition that prompted her to leave her position as a logistics analyst for an ocean carrier to go into business for herself.

Their idea is the next-level shipping container checking system, powered by artificial intelligence, called Virtual Checker. Canscan has developed a patent pending system, based on artificial intelligence, machine vision and data analytics that uses existing cameras and infrastructure to automatically inspect shipping containers transiting into or through terminals. The system will automatically clear containers that are fully compliant and can be safely fast-tracked, whilst isolating non-compliant ones that require terminal operators’ full attention.

Potential use cases are port authorities, container terminal operators, trucking companies, rail-lines, container and trucking depots.

Zeljko Tepic
Representing Venzo Secure, Denmark

Zeljko has over 15 years of experience in the development of client/server and cloud architectures. He works on projects involving advanced algorithms, signal processing, Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Generic algorithms, Fuzzy logic, Spectral analysis, etc.

Their idea is to provide seamless awareness of critical events by transparently displaying an intuitive new “alert timeline” on top of the XProtect Smart Client camera views. As a part of the timeline, a notification feature/solution allows the operator to send an alert to security personnel or emergency services. The solution will give the customer the option to dynamically arrange a view of the cameras in the Smart Client which are closest to the event at hand and can handle any events, alarms, analytics or metadata inside the Milestone XProtect VMS, including those from third-parties.

Potential use cases are Smart Cities, Emergency first responders, and Policing.

It’s not all about the money…

We believe in inspiring brilliant talent to make the world see and in connecting ideas, business and support innovation.

The 3 finalists will have a chance to showcase their ideas directly to the Milestone Community of partners and customers at the 2020 edition of the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS2020).

Find out more about MIPS here.

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What's next?

September 25, 2019 - Contest opens
November 29, 2019 - Final deadline for submissions
December 16-20th 2019 - Finalists notified
January 06-10th 2020 – Finalists announced
February 17-19th 2020, MIPS Dallas 2020 - Finale / winner announcement


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