Milestone architect and engineer program

Get the right support tools. Give customers value.

Join the Milestone Architecture and Engineering program

The Milestone Architecture and Engineering (A&E) program is developed to help architects, engineers and consultants design and specify IP-based surveillance systems. The program aims to add value to you and your customers by providing you with valuable support tools to help you meet customer needs. As a program member, you also gain access to our dedicated A&E portal containing support tools for project design.

The key benefits of the A&E program:

• Localized A&E specifications to ease project design
• Design tools including server estimator and storage/lens calculator
• Unbranded Visio system drawings and icons
• USB flash drive ensuring access to the latest documentation
• Product training at a reduced price: BICSI®-accredited Milestone Advanced Certification
• One-year test license to get familiar with Milestone products and product features
• Devoted support from Milestone presales and the A&E program team

Download the Milestone A&E program flyer at right to learn more.

Still have questions?

Unsure about joining Milestone's Architecture & Engineering (A&E) program? We welcome the opportunity to address your questions.

Find A&E support tools

On the A&E portal you can find all of our A&E support tools, including localized A&E specifications, server estimator and Visio icons.