Act quickly when risks arise

July 16, 2020
So, it’s happened: someone who has been on your premises is a COVID-19 risk. What do you do now? Fortunately, video technology can help you limit the potential spread.
Nip coronavirus in the bud
New solutions are being developed to trace the contacts of a positively tested individual. Current technologies can provide a log or report that identify the potential contact points of a single person or risk.

Find people with facial recognition
If a person is suspected of or confirmed as having COVID-19, contact tracing can be used to identify others who may have had close contact with them. It takes only minutes to scan all the system’s camera footage using an individual’s photo.

As a side note, facial recognition can employ mask detection algorithms to detect whether people are wearing masks and wearing them correctly — a big help in countries where this is mandated.

With access control solutions, you can use tracking technologies to identify the points of access where specific individuals entered and left your premises. This type of data is highly important when trying to trace the whereabouts of an individual suspected of carrying COVID-19.
Milestone partners offering contact tracing solutions:
  • BriefCam: Face Mask Detection and Contact Tracing
  • Gallagher: Logging
  • Herta: Contact Tracing with BioFinder module
  • Live Earth: Situational Awareness
  • Saimos: Mask Detection and Facial Recognition Logging
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