Milestone releases upgraded XProtect Basis+

with advanced features previously only available in high-end software.

COPENHAGEN – 15 August 2007.  Milestone Systems, the global market leader for open platform IP video management software, announces the release of XProtect™ Basis+ version 6.0. The new version includes advanced features previously only available in high-end products, including remote access via the Smart Client and multi-language support.

XProtect Basis+ 6.0 is a single-server video surveillance system for smaller installations that need robust software with expanded functionality. XProtect Basis+ 6.0 is an open and independent platform that interfaces with the widest choice of network video and computer hardware, supporting over 290 cameras and devices from more than 32 different manufacturers. This flexibility means that both partners and customers have the freedom to choose exactly the right equipment for every need.

XProtect Basis+ 6.0 builds on the same technology used in Milestone's higher-end software resulting in a very stable and high-performance system with a proven track record from thousands of installations. One of the new improved features now available in XProtect Basis+ 6.0 is the remote access via the popular Smart Client, which offers live view of one to 25 cameras simultaneously, digital zoom, carousel windows, event activation and much more.

The new version of XProtect Basis+ can also run as a service under Microsoft Windows, which means that you can keep the integrity of your video material as the main surveillance engine can be 'locked up’ in a server room and accessed remotely – no one can steal or tamper with video evidence undetected.

“XProtect Basis+ now provides powerful high-end features at a very reasonable price, which means great value for your security investment. It is reliable, easy to use and gives full control over your surveillance solution,” says Jens Bo Berthelsen, Product Manager at Milestone Systems. “XProtect Basis+ acts as the core of your IP video system, managing up to 25 cameras per server.”

XProtect Basis+ 6.0 is available with multiple language support in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish or Japanese. This applies to the Administrator, the Smart Client and Remote Client interfaces.

Milestone’s full software line offers solutions for all levels of requirements: XProtect Corporate, XProtect Enterprise, XProtect Professional, XProtect Central and XProtect Transact. Read more about it in the Products section of this site.