BriefCam Delivers NVIDIA GPU-powered Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions

BriefCam®, the Video Synopsis® company, has announced that it is bringing video analytics to the next level by delivering solutions powered by NVIDIA GPUs and deep learning. BriefCam's Syndex Pro, running on NVIDIA technology, will accelerate video processing performance and enable richer metadata extraction at a reduced cost.

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"We're committed to delivering value from video and taking a giant leap with NVIDIA to provide the industry with video analytics solutions that will perform faster, deliver better results and cost less," said Tom Edlund, Chief Technology Officer of BriefCam. "This collaboration will enable BriefCam Syndex Pro to run on NVIDIA's latest GPU technology, accelerating deep learning training and inferencing to generate richer video metadata that can provide value to users across all verticals and use cases."

BriefCam Syndex Pro based on NVIDIA GPUs can run on the cloud, VM, workstation, laptops or edge devices. Users will be able to analyze larger amounts of video to extract richer metadata and gain valuable insights into their organization, including increased scene coverage for occupancy, crowd and queue control, cross-camera search and metadata aggregation over time for trend analysis.

"NVIDIA's GPU-based deep learning is enabling BriefCam to accelerate time to insight," said Deepu Talla, vice president and general manager of the Tegra business at NVIDIA. "BriefCam represents a new breed of software company that's leveraging AI to get the most from video data."

The City of Hartford uses BriefCam Syndex Pro integrated within Milestone XProtect on an ongoing basis. Known for its innovative approach, Hartford Police department will be the first to benefit from advancements enabled with BriefCam Syndex Pro running on NVIDIA GPUs. Sgt. John Michael O'Hare, of the Hartford Police Department explained: "Using BriefCam Syndex Pro had been a game changer, and adding NVIDIA GPUs will enable further advancements, facilitating the city's safe environment and enhancing the quality-of-life for the residents of Hartford." 


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