The new Milestone Partner Program

what you need to know about the new program

Discover what’s new with the Program and the actions Partners need to take to get the most value out of their partnership with us.


Please note this is an information only page for our distributors — informing you about our new Partner Program for resellers, system integrators, security specialists and solution service providers.


Highlighted developments and additions

A simpler 3-tier Program design
The new design aligns Partners to three-tiers – Authorized, Advanced, and Premier – based on their productivity and qualifications. The new design is simpler to understand, easier to navigate, and will provide customers with recognizable identifiers to help them identity the right Partner choice for their video management project.
Partner status by country level
To make it easier for Partners to gain access to top tier benefits, their status will be based on a country level, rather than individual sites (see Company’s Affiliates in the Terms and Conditions for full details). Tier eligibility is determined through a combination of revenue and certifications for all sites in a country. Premier partners have additional status requirements.
Lucrative benefits and rewards
Beyond the tier discounts for selling Milestone products, Advanced and Premier Partners are eligible for additional benefits including project pricing eligibility, priority technical support, not-for-resale demonstration licenses, and more.
New growth Accelerator rebates
Premier Partners are eligible to earn rebates of up to 4% of annual Milestone sales for exceeding sales revenue goals. Accelerator rebates are progressive; the more a Partner sells, the more they earn. Premier Partners must generate 120% sales over their previous year's Milestone revenue to qualify for the minimum rebate.
Realigned minimum participation requirements
The new Program ensures that the best and most productive Partners receive access to benefits and resources. All Partners must accept the program Terms and Conditions and generate a minimum amount of Milestone revenue to participate in the Program.
Realigned Advanced and Premier Partner requirements
In addition to Terms and Conditions acceptance and revenue performance, Advanced and Premier Partners must complete trainings and earn certifications. Furthermore, Premier Partners must actively promote the Milestone brand and products, as well as submit an annual business plan.


Below are frequently asked questions about the new Program for resellers, system integrators, security specialists, and solution service providers.

Why is Milestone launching a new Partner Program?

Partners are our top priority. Which is why we are introducing a new Partner Program. The new Milestone Partner Program reflects Milestone’s commitment to helping Partners stay ahead of the curve and compete in a constantly changing market.

This is designed to make it simpler for partners to do business with Milestone and to sell our solutions. The ambition for the new Milestone Partner Program is:

Transparency: Partners will be clear on their current Partner status and how to qualify for a higher tier status in the Program. 

Simplicity: Partners can more easily understand the Program design and how to reap the benefits on offer.

Frictionless processes: Information flow and everything partners need from us will run more seamlessly.

Dependability: Partners can count fast and dependable support, along with the resources and expertise to complement their own capabilities.

These are the core principles of the Milestone Partner Program that will remain unchanged. Milestone will enhance the Program with these principles in mind – in 2022, and beyond.  

What new Terms and Conditions are included in the new Partner Program?

The new Partner Terms and Conditions are the foundation for the new Milestone Partner Program and describe how Milestone and partners will work together. The Terms and Conditions also ensure that they understand their rights and obligations.

Find below a summary of the new Program Terms and Conditions:

Company & Subsidiaries: Partners may submit their subsidiaries to the Program.

Territorial scope of license​: The geographical area in which the Partner is provided license rights under the Terms defined. The EU/EEA and Switzerland is one Territory.

Export Control: Export and sales restrictions subject to any embargo or sanctions ordered by the United Nations, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Denmark and/or the European Union.

Reference to the EULA: Milestone End-user License Agreement setting the terms of licensed use of the Products.

Milestone Warranties & Disclaimers: Milestone accepts no responsibility or liability for any incorrect material. Milestone expressly disclaims any warranty for the Milestone Products.

Limitation of liability cap: Milestone’s liability is limited to the amount paid for the products or €20,000, whichever is lower.

Copenhagen Clause: A technology declaration calling for open and honest public conversation about responsible technology. Milestone encourages Partners to sign the Copenhagen Clause.

Law and Legal Venue: Danish law is the governing jurisdiction of the Milestone T&Cs. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms, including any disputes regarding its existence, validity, or termination, shall be settled by arbitration before the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in accordance with its rule of procedure.


The Partner Terms and Conditions are supplemented by the comprehensive Milestone Partner Program Guide with its detailed description of the Partner Program.

Partners can read and accept the new Program Terms and Conditions via the link at the bottom of the form they can access here.



Will Partners be able to sell the full Product portfolio, including all XProtect Products, when they enroll in the Program in 2022?

Yes, if they have acquired the Milestone Certified Design Engineer and Milestone Certified Integration Technician certifications.

All Partners enrolling in the new Program with the relevant certifications will get access to sell the full Portfolio, including all XProtect Products, from July 1 to Dec 31. This is to ensure a seamless transition to the new Program; it will give Partners time to qualify for the Advanced or Premier tiers and help them grow their business with Milestone.

From 2023, only Premier or Advanced Partners will be eligible to sell the entire Portfolio of Milestone Products and Services.

Will there be a yearly revenue threshold to meet in the new Partner Program?

Yes, all Partners must meet the minimum revenue requirements to participate in the Milestone Partner Program. Revenue performance compliance is measured by the total generated in a calendar year. Milestone calculates revenue compliance based on the total amount generated by all a Partner’s sites in a country. Each tier – Authorized, Advanced, and Premier – has a threshold, and the thresholds vary by region.

Milestone calculates Partners’ Sales Revenue based on the sales of Milestone Products, i.e., Partners receive credit for 100% of the final price of software and CARE services, and 50% of the final price of Husky IVO and other hardware. The final price is the list price less all tier discounts and incentives (such as project discount).

For more information about your yearly revenue threshold please reach out to your Milestone contact or get in touch with us here.


What will Partners' discount level be when the new Program launches?

The Milestone Partner Program is designed as a progressive three-tier structure. Upgrading to the next tier level means also getting a higher tier discount for purchasing Milestone products.

Each Partner earns a standard discount on Milestone products based on their respective tier:


• Milestone Authorized Partners will receive a 20% standard discount on product purchasing.

Milestone Advanced Partners will receive a 30% standard discount on product purchasing.

• Milestone Premier Partners will receive a 34% standard discount on product purchasing.

The discount levels are designed to reward Partners for their commitment to driving growth and contributing to our mutual success in the market. Partners earn standard discounts on Milestone products based on their respective tier levels.

By when do Partners need to fulfill the Partner requirements of the new Partner Program?

From July 1, 2022, a Partner's status will be defined by their tier eligibility according to the requirements of the Program and will receive the benefits and discount level associated with their Partner status. For detailed tier requirements, please download the Partner Program Guide.


For a summary of the requirements across the tier levels, see below:

New Partner Terms and Conditions: To enroll in the new Program at launch, they must have accepted the new Terms and Conditions no later than June 30, 2022.

Yearly Revenue Threshold: To participate in the Milestone Partner Program you are required to meet a minimum annual sales revenue target (“Sales Revenue”, definition can be found in the Program Guide). When the Program launches on July 1, 2022, they will qualify based on their 2021 Sales Revenue performance.

Technical certification: On July 1, 2022, a Partner's status will be defined by the technical certifications they have attained. To qualify for Advanced and Premier status, technical certification is required on a country level. They have 60 days to have their expired certification renewed for maintaining their tier level.

Onboarding and Annual Sales Training: Onboarding training is not required but highly recommended for all newly onboarded Partners. From 2023, both Onboarding Training and Annual Sales Training are part of the tier requirement for Advanced and Premier Partners.

Annual business planning: Premier Partners will have until December 31, 2022, to complete a Joint Business Plan with their Milestone account manager.

Brand alignment: When a partner qualifies as a Premier Partner, they are required to fulfill the brand alignment requirements. Premier Partners will have until August 1, 2022, to fulfill the brand alignment requirements. 

What will the country level roll-up look like and what are the benefits?

To provide more flexibility and make it easy to gain access to top-tier benefits, Partner status will be based on a country level, rather than by individual site.  

This means that the Program tier eligibility is determined through a combination of revenue performance and technical certifications for all Partner sites in a country. If, for example, a Partner has three locations in a country, the combined number of certifications and total revenue of the individual sites will determine the Partner’s tier status. The Partner tier status at the country level will reflect the tier status across all sites, and all sites will have access to the same Partner tier discounts percentages, benefits and incentives.


This tier assignment methodology ensures that Partners can make choices about how and where to make investments in their businesses. 

What support can Partners expect from Milestone?

Aside from the support made available in the Partner Program benefits, such as not-for-resale demonstration licenses for all Partners, and prioritized access to technical support for Advanced and Premier Partners, Milestone offers a range of support, tools and resources. These are intended to make selling and go-to-market success easier; as well as to help Partners install and support Milestone products.

Examples of Partner support & resources include:

• Sales resources: Access to e.g., test licenses, free demos and expert advice.
• Milestone Support: A team of support teams of experts and online portals to provide Partners with support across various issues and needs.
• Learning resources: A variety of knowledge building and self-service.
• Marketing support: A variety of marketing tools and assets are available to help Partners grow their business and develop new business opportunities.

What is the benefit of the new Revenue Goal Accelerator?

The Revenue Goal Accelerator is a new benefit in the new Partner Program for Milestone Premier Partners. The Revenue Goal Accelerator provides Premier Partners with an opportunity to earn up to 4% ​of their total yearly Sales Revenue. All Premier Partners are eligible for the Revenue Goal Accelerator, which is described below:


Step 1: First you must exceed the Minimum Accelerator Revenue Goal​.

The Minimum Revenue Goal means when Premier Partners generate 20% more Sales Revenue than those contributing to their previous year’s Milestone revenue, they qualify for the minimum back-end rebate of 2.5%.

Step 2: Hereafter, grow your revenue to grow rebate payment

Revenue Goal Accelerator rebates are progressive; the more revenue that Partners generate, the higher their quarterly rebate. The thresholds and rebate levels are defined below:

• Once you reach 100% of your Minimum Revenue Goal, you’ll receive a 2.5% rebate.
• Once you reach 125% of your Minimum Revenue Goal, you’ll receive a 3.0% rebate.
• Once you reach 150% of your Minimum Revenue Goal, you’ll receive a 4.0% rebate.

When the highest goal threshold of 150% is reached, this also means the Partner has received the maximum payment from the accelerator program.

How or when will Partner' status be promoted or demoted in the future?

When the new Program launches July 1, 2022, a Partner's status will be defined by their tier eligibility according to the requirements of the new Program. From July 1, 2022, and onwards the new Program will be in operation and the promotion or demotion will run as below:


Partner Status Promotions: When a Partner’s Sales Revenue reaches the threshold for a higher tier, and the Partner attains the required certifications for that tier, Milestone will automatically promote the Partner. Promotions typically happen within three business days of crossing a threshold.

Partner Status Demotions: Milestone will demote Partners from their tier status if they fail to comply with the Program requirements or maintain their tier eligibility. The revenue assessment will happen once a year after a Partner has been part of the new Program for a full calendar year. If a Partner falls out of compliance through the expiration or loss of a required certification, they will have 60 days to obtain the necessary certification(s).

Will Diamond be a Partner tier in the new Partner Program?

No, the new Milestone Partner Program will not include a Diamond tier. 2022 Diamond Partners will continue to be recognized through the remainder of year with the Diamond insignia for their outstanding performance and partnership.

How the Diamond Partner status will function in 2022, is described below: 

• From now and until July 1, 2022, Diamond Partners will retain the status and benefits associated with the current Partner Program.

• All Diamond Partners, independent of their status within the new Partner Program, will be listed as Diamond Partners on the Milestone “Find a reseller” page until January 1, 2023.

• There will not be a Diamond Summit in 2022. However, two free tickets to MIPS will be provided to Diamond Partners.

• All Diamond Partners, independent of their status within the new Partner Program, will retain their Diamond Insignia until January 1, 2023.

Download the Program Guide 

Download the Milestone Partner Program Guide to see what's new for Partners, and what is required of them.

How the new Partner Program will roll out

Here’s a quick overview of the key dates in the Partner Program launch and roll out.

March to July, 2022
New Program announcement
Full Program details are available, and Partners are asked to accept the new Terms and Conditions no later than June 30, 2022 to enroll in the new Program.
July 1, 2022
Program launch
The new Program goes into operation and Partners’ status, discounts, and benefits will be defined by tier eligibility in accordance with the new Program.
Until December 31, 2022
Fulfill further select Program requirements
From July until the end of the year, Partners’ status and benefits will depend on their Partner qualification within the assigned Partner tier.
Beginning of 2023
Annual tier demotions
Tier promotion takes three business days to come into effect once a Partner qualifies. Annual tier demotion will be performed at the beginning of 2023.

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