Vi jobber fortsatt med å lære oss språket ditt

Vi jobber hardt for å sørge for at alle sidene på skal være tilgjengelige på så mange språk som mulig. Men denne prosessen tar tid. Selv om alle våre funksjoner er flerspråkelige. Noen sider, som denne, er ennå ikke tilgjengelig på ditt språk.
Takk for forståelsen.


Milestone a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year award

Ernst & Young choose companies based on growth - and more.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, 29 October 2004

Milestone Systems A/S was chosen as a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Recognized globally, the award honors the most outstanding entrepreneurs who inspire others with their vision, leadership, and achievement.

The survey defines a growth company that has existed for at least 3 years, has realized net growth of 15% or more, with a minimum of 20 employees and 15% or more increases in staffing. The requirements preclude subsidiaries of foreign companies who are publicly listed because the focus is on firms where one person has had meaningful contribution to the growth.

Ernst & Young states that such entrepreneurial companies are important because they stand for 30% of the economic growth that was created by Danish businesses in 2003. Even though the number of growth companies make up less than 1% of the total number of all companies in Denmark, these entrepreneurial firms created 767 new jobs out of 12,000 in the period 2001 to 2003.

The award given for Denmark’s best entrepreneur does not just focus on a company’s growth in numbers. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year differentiates itself from other growth awards because they carry out qualitative interviews with the chosen businesses, where they look at their values, as well. For example, what is the manager’s personal attitude and goal? What is the company’s business foundation? Is the company successfully fulfilling its market potential?

The road to winning the title Entrepreneur Of The Year includes six regional break-outs and a national finale. Since the first such award was given in Denmark in 1997, the competition has only increased in popularity. Today, it is a well-recognized award that acts as an official stamp of a company on its toes, poised for the future.

Microsoft has also become a sponsor of the national Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards. As part of the sponsorship, the "Realizing Business Potential" award has been created to recognize companies with less than 100 employees that have demonstrated success and growth by leveraging computer-related technology.