Vi jobber fortsatt med å lære oss språket ditt

Vi jobber hardt for å sørge for at alle sidene på skal være tilgjengelige på så mange språk som mulig. Men denne prosessen tar tid. Selv om alle våre funksjoner er flerspråkelige. Noen sider, som denne, er ennå ikke tilgjengelig på ditt språk.
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Building the future together – Highlights from MIPS Americas 2017

lørdag, 31 desember 2016

Forfatter: Kimberly Sallingboe

Company News

“Now is not the time for business as usual”

The overall message, “Now is not the time for business as usual”, was shared by Tim Palmquist, Vice President, Americas, who was complemented by Lars Thinggaard, Milestone CEO, present via virtual reality video. Their joint message was that to make the most of the opportunities that are out there, we must move away from business as usual and find new ways of working and innovating together.

The themes of co-created value and a platform approach were present in many of the presentations on the main stage. Milestone Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Kenneth Hune Petersen, drew lessons from the mobile industry’s dramatic shift in power from the product-centric players who dominated the marketplace in the late 1990s and early 2000s, to the platform-based players who own the bulk of the market share today. The lesson is clear: “With the platform, we can move up to a different league in terms of business opportunities, and we can move beyond security,” Kenneth stated.

The future belongs to those who think “platform”

Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, Milestone Chief Technology Officer, also discussed the importance of having a platform approach. “If you rely solely on your own employees, you’ll never truly meet your customers’ needs. Because no matter how talented your employees are, most of the best employees will always work for someone else,” Bjørn asserted. “By taking a platform approach, we can tap into the best that each Community member has to offer, consolidate it and package it into solutions that can meet any customer need.”

The easy money days are over

Tim Palmquist rounded out the community rallying cry in his closing remarks. Yes, the current market trends represent a challenge for companies in the security industry. But it’s a challenge we can meet together as a Community, by tackling known challenges in new ways. Tim pointed out the need to change the way we interact with our partners and our customers.  We have to help them gain access to the full innovation available in the Community and present them with value-adding solutions in order to counter the gloomy industry predictions of product commoditization. “Products are fleeting, platforms are sustainable and lasting,” he stated.

Seeing what the Community has to offer

Yet, MIPS was about more than speeches and presentations. Attendees got to see the community in action with the Milestone Community Innovation Lab. Scores of Milestone partners were on-hand, presenting solutions and products within the areas of access control, cameras, servers and storage and video analytics, to name a few. The five finalists of the Milestone Community Kickstarter Competition were also present to showcase their ideas for the attendees, and the winner, Parking Spotter, was announced.

The business track breakout sessions gave participants the opportunity to see all of the business tools available from Milestone to help them grow their business. And for those with a more technical mind-set, the technology track gave them an opportunity to see the early stages of new features for the XProtect platform and to weigh in on which features they would like to see come into production.

Where is the roadmap headed?

Speaking of the XProtect software, MIPS wouldn’t be complete without a look at the product roadmap. Since MIPS Americas coincided with the release of the 2017 R1 product update, attendees had ample opportunity to familiarize themselves with hardware accelerated decoding video motion detection, the new ground-breaking functionality introduced as a part of the latest product update. The implications of this functionality are significant. It has the potential to change the way our integrators scope and design solutions, to change the way they work with recorders and to change the way they measure performance.

Already with XProtect 2017 R1, hardware accelerated VMD enables the lowest electrical cost per recorded stream. These innovations will enable our integrators to work with H.265 compression and the 4K and 8K cameras that are coming on the market, as well as to take advantage of the rising trend of video analytics. Thus we will continue to expand our support for hardware accelerated decoding, in order to help Community members take full advantage of the processing power this capability frees up.

Participants were also given some insights into new offerings catering to the mid-market segment, and updates to the hardware platform. They received a sneak peek at the redesigned ordering system for distributors, known as the Milestone Store, as well as early concept drawings for the Solution Portal, which will offer a new way for Milestone partners to co-sell and bring a variety of value-adding surveillance solutions to their customers.

This year’s MIPS lived up to its promise by helping attendees focus on the future and how we can work together to get the most out of what our Community has to offer. Of course, like the Community, MIPS thrives on engaged participants who come ready to learn, share and create value together. In other words, it will be better if you’re there. Get your sales cycle started off on the right foot. Come to MIPS, get inspired and engage with the Community. 

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