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Milestone VMS, Dell OEM and NVIDIA excel at IFSEC

søndag, 13 august 2017

Forfatter: Toyah Hunting

Partner News

“At this year’s IFSEC in London we demonstrated future release support for multiple NVIDIA GPUs in a recording server. The combination of Milestone’s highly scalable VMS platform, NVIDIA’s powerful GPU processing platform and a Dell Hardware Server was the Industry’s first live demonstration of a 4 GPU recording server," says Milestone Business Development Specialist Sven Ekert.

"Visitors were impressed by the live demo of more than 1,500 Full HD cameras including server-side VMD, metadata, and hardware- accelerated decoding on the single Dell server.  The results are impressive because of how much more efficient, how much simpler it was to scale, and how much smarter the VMS platform can be by leveraging NVIDIA GPUs within a Dell recording server.”


Harnessing the power of the GPU

Recording servers which harness the power of the GPU can process thousands for frames per second of HD quality video. GPU-accelerated computing is the use of a graphics processing unit (GPU) together with a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) to accelerate video decoding, deep learninganalytics, and machine learning or AI applications.

The use of hardware accelerated decoding and video motion detection can drastically reduce the number of recording server hardware needed in large installations, lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an XProtect solution.

By eliminating traditional CPU bottlenecks, limitation and upgrades, Milestone can scale servers by adding more NVIDIA GPUs. This extends the life and performance of video surveillance recorders, which lowers customer costs. Hardware acceleration also paves the way for widespread use of 4K cameras and processing-intensive video compressions like H.265. This provides better situational awareness and saves disk space for installations of all sizes.

Taking hardware acceleration to the next level

“As a leading AI computing company and technology leader in advanced visualization, NVIDIA was a clear choice to take our use of hardware acceleration to the next level,” says Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, CTO at Milestone Systems.

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