Vi jobber fortsatt med å lære oss språket ditt

Vi jobber hardt for å sørge for at alle sidene på skal være tilgjengelige på så mange språk som mulig. Men denne prosessen tar tid. Selv om alle våre funksjoner er flerspråkelige. Noen sider, som denne, er ennå ikke tilgjengelig på ditt språk.
Takk for forståelsen.


Milestone Care™ Desk hits APAC

mandag, 20 mai 2019

Forfatter: Toyah Hunting

Product News

Meet the team

Based in our major APAC offices, the Care Desk team is highly skilled and eager to help. They are there for you when you want to get the most out of Care Plus, as well as educating your customers on the value of Milestone Care.

The team will grow in the months to come and currently consists of:

  • Wei Liang Chong – Based in Singapore
  • Evonne Tong – Based in Melbourne

How will we be able to help?  

We will work closely with you on preparing Care Plus and Premium quotes on those of your customers SLCs that are up for renewal.  

We will be reaching out to you soon to go over this in more detail. Meanwhile, please get in touch at if you or your customers have any questions whatsoever about the Care program.