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Parking Spotter now a certified Milestone solution

mandag, 2 juli 2018

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Solution Certification

Parking Spotter won the Milestone Community Kickstarter contest 2017.It is a great example of combining video and other technology to improve people’s lives and create more efficient businesses and operations. And it has now achieved Milestone certification. 

This application helps end-users find the closest available parking spot. It helps parking owners improve operational flows by analyzing video images from cameras installed inside a parking lot and gathering all parking places inside a city or country in a single app. In other words, it’s an excellent example of 

Through integration with Milestone, the solution can use streams from any of the 7000+ camera models supported by Milestone’s open platform VMS. For integrators, this could be an upselling opportunity into existing airports, shopping centers, business center, fun park, stadiums and public parking accounts.

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