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MIP SDK and the benefits of the open ecosystem

juni 08, 2021
Being easy to use while also being able to bring in a lot of different data, the MIP SDK enables the creation of complex integrations. In this article, you can learn why our partner Live Earth considers the MIP SDK a benefit to their operations.
About Live Earth
Developed using advanced geographic information system (GIS) mapping software, Live Earth is a real-time data visualization platform. With deep roots in the US Department of Defense, it offers real-time situational awareness and location intelligence. Based on an open platform, this SaaS application synchronizes data from multiple sensors and systems.
Live Earth plug-ins on Marketplace
From weather radar and traffic flows to video management systems, Live Earth can integrate disparate data sources from almost any system. It then presents this data on a common operational picture with an intuitive interface that borrows concepts from smartphones and tablets, such as pinch-and-zoom maps and interactive timelines.

Check out Live Earth on Milestone Marketplace.

Benefits of the Live Earth plugin for Milestone users
Live Earth is a fully synchronized tab within XProtect enabling users working in XProtect to jump seamlessly between the two separate systems. With seamless access to live and recorded video in XProtect, users can play, pause, and rewind geospatial data over time and quickly reconstruct scenarios.

In the Smart Client, users can click the Live Earth logo at the bottom of the camera and open Live Earth in a new window. If users are working in Live Earth, they can click on the Milestone logo and open a new window in Live Earth.

When a user opens a camera in Live Earth and moves and manipulates the timeline, they can go back into XProtect and the timeline is also changed there. It’s fully synchronized and the timeline in the current system always takes precedence.
Integration with the MIP SDK
Live Earth started working with Milestone three years ago when they transitioned into commercial markets. In the initial integration, they used APIs for video and audio metadata, and control for PTZ camera movement. Today, Live Earth is under constant development and they have since availed of the APIs for configuration and system status and are currently working on events and alarms.

Live Earth found the MIP SDK to be beneficial because:

- The Developer Forum is a great resource and well put together.
- API Protocols: Live Earth uses the RESTFUL API so it’s easy to connect Live Earth with the MIP SDK. Initially, they found just integrating and pulling in the camera feeds and the time and date stamps were straightforward.
- The MIP SDK is easy to use and yet very complex with a great capability to bring in a lot of different data.
- Ability to expand and create more complex integrations – today this two-way system synchronizes events, Live Earth alerts, and timelines between the two systems.
- Quick response time: When Live Earth deals with exceptions like synchronizing time and date in Live Earth and XProtect, they find the Milestone team very responsive and easy to work with.
Benefits of working with Milestone
The open and honest communication. Live Earth can openly discuss use cases and technologies with Milestone and other relevant partners in the community. They can talk about what they are working on next and how to leverage the technology. For instance, Live Earth recently integrated L3 Harris radios and they can discuss what this means to other teams and how it can be leveraged for other systems such as smart cities.

Live Earth channel business managers have regular meetings with Milestone sales managers to discuss international sales opportunities. Live Earth is also part of Milestone’s experience center in Australia and the majority of their Australian customers now come through this channel.

Furthermore, Live Earth increases business and innovation through collaboration: By working closely with Milestone’s technology partners and resellers, partners can bring customers to each other and find ways to solve customer problems and expand systems accordingly.
We were looking for a critical partner that allowed us to expand. And, a company that understands the value of an open ecosystem. Most of our customers want easy integration and don’t want to be trapped into one view, one company, one system. We felt that Milestone, as the leader in VMSs, was the best partner to do that with.
Craig Johnston, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Live Earth
The marketing teams at Live Earth and Milestone have developed a playbook on how to manage the information that comes from Marketplace so they can work together and define a plan for how to proceed with specific leads.
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