Vi jobber fortsatt med å lære oss språket ditt

Vi jobber hardt for å sørge for at alle sidene på skal være tilgjengelige på så mange språk som mulig. Men denne prosessen tar tid. Selv om alle våre funksjoner er flerspråkelige. Noen sider, som denne, er ennå ikke tilgjengelig på ditt språk.
Takk for forståelsen.


Welcome to the new Milestone Learning portal

juli 13, 2021
Getting a full overview of our entire Milestone Learning portfolio has never been easier. The new portal combines previous sites into a one-stop-shop for all educational offers, where you can find everything from role specific trainings and certifications to our 60+ eLearning courses and more.
On the new Milestone Learning portal, you will find all our role specific trainings, certifications, instructor-led trainings, and all eLearning courses ordered by category.
Easy access
Getting a full overview of our entire Milestone Learning portfolio has never been easier. No log-in is longer needed to access our 60+ free eLearning courses on Milestone solutions, which includes:

- Training options based on either your job role, your task or your channel partner certification needs
- Operator trainings for Smart Client end users
- Hands-on online classes with expert instructors
- Tools and video tutorials that will support your daily work with Milestone solutions.

Find the training you need and enroll or book:
Search and find learning and documentation
If you need assistance on a specific topic, try the advanced search function on the website. Milestone Learning is linked and aligned with the Milestone Documentation portal. Following the 2021 R1 release, the search function on both portals will provide cross portal results, leaving you with all relevant documentation and educational material concerning the search topic in question, no matter the format.
Combining old sites into a new portal
The new Milestone Learning portal will combine, and include all content from, the previous sites called “Learning & Performance” and “Partner and Customer Learning” on The new Milestone Learning portal is a one-stop-shop for our community looking for our learning offers - and log-in is only required when you want to schedule or enroll.
Find it here
Find the new Milestone Learning portal here:

Happy Learning!