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Free product training

dinsdag, 31 januari 2017

Auteur: Megan McHugh


The Exploring New XProtect Features eLearning modules support the latest Milestone product release by providing free, easy-to-use, and quick learning on new features. They promote smoother transition for partners and customers by empowering individuals to be able to learn on their own. Having this knowledge free and available 24/7 allows partners to sell our products quicker and with more confidence and effectiveness.

To support the XProtect® 2017 R1 release, we have released the Exploring XProtect 2017 R1 eLearning course. In Exploring XProtect 2017 R1, learners meet with a virtual team member to discover the details, use-cases, and considerations surrounding each new feature of the Milestone XProtect 2017 R1 video management system (VMS) product suite. At the end of the course, learners complete a short assessment to check their knowledge of the course material. 

In addition to the Exploring XProtect 2017 R1 eLearning course, we have several other eLearning categories that house free courses designed to empower on-the-job performance:

  • Getting Started with XProtect (5 courses)
  • Selling Milestone Solutions (5 courses)
  • Designing Milestone Solutions (2 courses)
  • Configuring and Using XProtect Features (8 courses)
  • Configuring and Using Milestone Add-ons (4 courses)
  • Configuring the Milestone Husky (2 courses)
  • Developing the MIP SDK (1 course)


To access our free eLearning courses, as well as sign up for an instructor-led class or online certification assessment, please visit the Milestone Partner Learning Portal.

*Please note, if you are not logged in to the Partner Learning Portal, you will not be able to see all available training and certification options.

Learning & Performance Catalog

  • A detailed list of our training and certification offerings.
  • Continuously updated to reflect updates and releases.

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