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Recommended 18 % Reseller Margin on Our Hardware

Effective today, we offer a new 18% recommended reseller discount on any of our Husky ™ NVRs bought through Distribution for our Resellers/Registered...

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Combine your video and access control

Looking for a flexible solution that enables reliable, versatile and scalable access control for medium to large organizations? Bosch Access Management System (AMS) 2.0...

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Our brand-new Documentation Portal

With 2020 R1 release out and available, we are introducing a new online Documentation Portal. All XProtect and Husky manuals are available on the portal in an online...

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Arcules - XProtect Hybrid VMS Solution NOW AVAILABLE!

Functionality meets scalability. Arcules Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) integrated with XProtect on-premise video management software (VMS) delivers...

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Fixed! Hotfixes to the problems you experience most often

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