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SDK Training

donderdag, 29 oktober 2015

Auteur: Neli Georgieva

Join our two-day course that provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to develop video enabled .NET applications using the Milestone MIP SDK. The courses will be held in EMEA, and US, APAC upon request. The development framework allows developers to seamlessly integrate business solutions and video enable security devices while managing them all together in the XProtect software.

During this two-day training we will cover the following:

  • Component integration in stand-alone applications - how to:
    • Get System Info
    • Get Live Feed
    • Playback recorded video
    • PTZ
  • Protocol integration – how to use the Status Interface
    • Connect
    • Get System Status
    • Get Events
  • Active HTML pages and Smart Client Scripts
  • Plug-in integration in Milestone applications, how to create:
    • Admin plug-ins
    • Background plug-ins
    • Client view items and image viewer overlays
    • Client side panel plug-ins
    • Client view layouts


  • 24-25th November 2015 in Denmark HQ (only few seats left)
  • 25-26th February 2016 in Arizona, Phoenix (after MIPS, which is on 23-24th )
  • 8-9th March 2016 in Denmark HQ
  • 11-12th October 2016 in Portland
  • 26-27th October 2016 in Denmark HQ
  • SDK training - APAC TBD
  • ACM trainings TBD


Ms. Neli Georgieva, Course Coordinator EMEA nge@milestonesys.com, +45 722 432 54