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No Limits with XProtect® Professional

donderdag, 23 juni 2016

Auteur: Kimberly Sallingboe

Product News

Starting with the 2016 version of the software, customers can connect an unlimited number of cameras per server to XProtect® Professional.* Why the change, and how can you leverage it to do more business in the mid-market segment?

Responding to your feedback

Feedback from our sales staff and channel partners indicated that we needed to re-evaluate our mid-market offering to make sure that we were offering the right feature set at the right price point. By removing the camera limit per server for XProtect Professional, we make it a more viable option for multi-server, multi-site installations. Price-sensitive customers get a product on-par with XProtect® Enterprise, at a significantly more attractive price.

Now even easier to install

Our latest product update also introduced a number of features to simplify your installation process. We’ve added:

  • Automatic IP address assignment – the VMS will automatically find all devices connected to the network and assign them an IP address**
  • Automatic time synchronization – discovered cameras are automatically synchronized with the time server. This ensures all video recordings have similar timestamps, leading to more accurate investigations and evidence gathering.
  • Automatic storage distribution – the VMS optimizes disk storage by automatically distributing video data across the different storage drives in the system.

These changes mean your customers get a robust VMS that meets their needs, and you get a hassle-free installation process. That is the textbook definition of a win-win. And if you haven’t gotten your Advanced certifications yet, there’s an added bonus for you, as you don’t need to certify to sell XProtect Professional.

Read more about XProtect Professional 2016

*For installations with more than 250 cameras per server, we recommend XProtect® Expert or XProtect® Corporate.

**Available on supported devices only, please refer to: https://www.milestonesys.com/solution-partners/supported-hardware/