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Two new eLearning courses for XProtect® Rapid REVIEW

Improve your understanding of our new forensic analytics add-on.

XProtect Rapid REVIEW provides forensic analytic capabilities that enable operators and investigators to find what they're looking for faster and more efficiently.

XProtect Rapid REVIEW, powered by BriefCam® technology, is a powerful add-on to our XProtect video management software that provides a comprehensive list of search filters, smart case management. It also seamlessly integrates into XProtect Smart Client.

Installing and configuring XProtect Rapid Review

This course covers how to install and configure XProtect® Rapid REVIEW™ in XProtect. Once completed, you will be able to:

  • Communicate the value and benefits of XProtect Rapid REVIEW
  • Determine system architecture requirements and provision hardware
  • Install prerequisites and run the deployment script
  • Activate the product license
  • Configure the XProtect Rapid REVIEW deployment
  • Install the embedded Smart Client Plug-in on client workstations

Find the Installing and Configuring XProtect Rapid REVIEW course here

Using XProtect Rapid Review

This eLearning covers how to use XProtect® Rapid REVIEW™ in XProtect® Smart Client. XProtect Rapid REVIEW condenses many hours of video into a few minutes by isolating and storing every moving entity. Video is then presented based on filter criteria. After completion, investigators and operators will be able to explain the value and benefits of using XProtect Rapid REVIEW and:

  • Create cases, add video, and find people
  • Quickly find objects based on vague descriptions
  • Gain insight on customer behavior through heat maps and path tracing

Find the Using XProtect Rapid REVIEW eLearning course here

*We have also released a Marketing Partner Kit!

Plus, we have now released a Partner Kit, currently in English only, packed with marketing assets such as banners, email templates and imagery – and you can download it here.

Access the new eLearning courses and Partner Kit with your MyMilestone log-in.

Happy learning!

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