We zijn nog steeds bezig met uw taal

We zijn hard aan het werk om alle pagina's op milestonesys.com in zoveel mogelijk talen beschikbaar te maken. Maar dit proces kost tijd. Ondanks dat al onze functies meertalig zijn, zijn sommige pagina’s, zoals deze, nog niet beschikbaar in uw lokale taal.
Bedankt voor uw begrip.


Not scared of bugs?

Then you’re definitely our type.
Being successful is great, but it’s how you handle the bumps in the road that says the most about a person. That’s why we’re interested in developers who don’t shy away when projects get turbulent.

“I left my birthplace and my relatives. But I definitely got a new family at Milestone.”

– Agnes, Test Engineer, VMS Platform

Come Scrum with us!
If you’re into software development and would like a job where you make a difference, come and join one of our development teams. We work with agile methodology and if that sounds a little intense, let us assure you that our company culture is anything but.

If that’s not your thing we have many other open jobs.

What is it like to work at Milestone as a software developer?

With us, you’ll get world-class opportunities and room to grow across the globe.
If you thrive in beta, you’ll thrive with us. We’re constantly developing – both our platforms and ourselves.
Here, you get more than colleagues. You get work buddies. And a work culture that inspires both great work and awesome team dynamics.


We’re always open to meeting curious and friendly people. Create a profile on our job agent, set up your preferences. We'll get in touch if we spot your dream job.