Fixed! Hotfixes to the problems you experience most often

Monday, 2 July 2018

Author: Toyah Hunting

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Fixed! Hotfixes to the problems you experience most often

We occasionally experience bugs in our software and perform hotfixes to sort them out before eliminating them in the next of the three product updates we release every year.

We have recently made the following hotfixes and troubleshooting articles. Click on the link to find out what to do if this is a problem you have experienced:


How to run the XProtect Smart Client on Nvidia Optimus hybrid graphic cards

Changes to Smart Wall in the XProtect Smart Client MIP plug-ins

Migrating from XProtect Professional VMS to XProtect Advanced VMS

Issues with XProtect on high-res displays (4K and above)

How to debug device drivers in XProtect Advanced VMS

XProtect Smart Client will not run on an operating system built using the Secure Host Baseline (SHB)

Audio stops working after some time or device restart (XProtect Professional VMS)

Axis A1001 port incompatibility in firmware v.1.65.0

XProtect Smart Client users cannot login in a big Active Directory environment

How to view an XProtect Corporate or an XProtect Expert database that has been 'detached'

How can I play offline files in the XProtect Smart Client player?

Analytic Events disappearing from configuration (hotfixes for 2017 R2, 2017 R3)

Replacing a HDD disk in a RAID array (Husky M50/M50 Advanced/M500 Advanced/M550 Advanced)

Using the Milestone Diagnostics tool

About using Milestone Analyzer and Milestone Diagnostics tool

AXIS T8312 keypad does not respond (T8310)

XProtect Mobile Server 2018 R1 running offline: "Service is running but port 8000 is occupied by another program"

Backup and restore XProtect Corporate Recording Server

XProtect 2018 R1 cumulative patch installer (for Management Server, Management Client, and Recording Server) 

XProtect 2017 R3 cumulative patch installers (for Management Client, Management Server, and Recording Server)

Error applying update script: '12.1.01' while upgrading to XProtect 2018 R1 (12.1a)

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