More options and easier installation with the Milestone System Builder Program

Monday, 12 March 2018

Author: Toyah Hunting

Product News

The Milestone System Builder Program makes it possible for hardware and infrastructure vendors to build, market and ship hardware with pre-installed XProtect VMS software that can easily be upgraded to any XProtect version.

This program aims to extend the Milestone community market reach, increase the variety of verified hardware solutions, boost channel efficiency​ and ensure customer satisfaction. 

In short, it allows any customer to get off to a great start with the world’s leading VMS. It enables customers to start right with XProtect Essential+ and upgrade without re-installing​. And it makes it easier to design tailored solutions for selected segments and verticals​.

The System Builder Program is open to all hardware vendors, such as major IT hardware manufacturers, existing server/storage partners​, NVR hardware manufacturers​ and specialized appliance manufacturers​. The hardware partners in the Milestone System Builder Program who ship products with the Milestone VMS software will be able to design hardware to fit specific surveillance market segments and will benefit from the opportunity to tap into the IoT and Artificial Intelligence market through the solution power of the Milestone community.


Channel Partner Benefits

System Builder partners may sell their hardware solutions with pre-installed XProtect VMS software through their own channel or use the Milestone channel. Regardless of the go-to-market model for the hardware, all XProtect VMS license sales will be made through the existing Milestone channel: As a Milestone reseller and integrator, you will benefit from easier deployments on hardware configurations that have been tried and tested. You will also discover additional upsell opportunities from a wider range of customers that have started with XProtect Essential+.

With tested and validated hardware configurations from leading hardware manufacturers​, increased choice of hardware​, reduced system design costs​ and optimized onsite deployment and configuration​, it will become easier for you as a Channel Partner to sell and deliver solution bundles​. You can feel confident about doing this because the product is guaranteed to work and because the hardware has gone through a validation and benchmark test.


What’s in it for the end-customer?

The best of both worlds: They get the world’s leading VMS with their hardware of cost. Because the System Builder Solutions are validated and certified, the customer can rest assured and get peace of mind. And scale their system at a later point, should this be necessary.

“The System Builder Program is all about ease of deployment. Customers can now get the XProtect experience on their hardware of choice in a few clicks. Nobody else is doing this,” says Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, CTO of Milestone Systems. “Customers will also be able to easily enter the world of intelligent video solutions by tapping into the rich spectrum of add-ons from Milestone Solution Partners.” 


What’s next?

The System Builder Program will gradually be rolled out during 2018 and more information will follow shortly.

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