MIP SDK course in Copenhagen October 3-5

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Author: Toyah Hunting

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Participants MUST know how to develop in .NET (C#, VB.NET etc.).

Additionally, knowledge of C++, JavaScript or another developing language that can use ActiveX components is beneficial.

Knowledge of the Milestone product line (in particular Milestone XProtect Smart Client) will be beneficial.


Technical equipment

Each Participant should bring their laptop!

1 powerful Windows 10 or Windows 8.1-laptop with 64-bit processor per participant, with the latest version of VMWare player installed and at least 60 GB of free, defragmented hard disk space available. Milestone XProtect software should not be installed.

(Powerful, because of the images that have to be loaded, this is especially a question of RAM – at least 8 GB is preferable).


Course Content

  • Component integration in stand-alone applications – exemplified by:
    • Connect
    • Get System Info
    • Get Live Feed
    • Playback recorded video
  • Protocol integration – exemplified by use of the Status Interface
    • Get System Status
    • Get Events
  •  Plug-in integration in Milestone applications – exemplified:
    • Admin plug-ins
    • Background plug-ins in Event Server
    • Milestone Integration Platform Messaging
    • Client view items and image viewer overlays
    • Client side panel plug-ins
  • XProtect Access Integrations - exemplified
  • Interface to XProtect components
  • Create and deploy XProtect Access Integrations in Event Server plug-ins
  • Receive events, manage states and send commands
  • Manage credentialAgenda (3 days)

Material delivered at the course

  • Description of hands-on exercises
  • PowerPoint lecture handouts
  • FTP download with following contents
    • Description of hands-on exercises
    • PowerPoint lecture hand-outs
    • Source code for exercise starting points
    • Source code for completed exercises 

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