Optimizing store operations at Retail Risk in London

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Author: Neil Killick

Event News

In an increasingly aggressive retail marketplace, protecting assets and combating loss is more imperative than ever for maintaining profits and a competitive edge. Whether the challenge is shrinkage, fraud, clerical errors, shoplifting or simply providing customers with a safe shopping environment, Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) helps optimize store operations. For more than a decade, Milestone has been the world’s leading provider of open platform IP VMS, and our powerful product helps retailers of all sizes improve their bottom line through proactive loss prevention.


Many retailers have seen the extraordinary benefits of IP based surveillance, which efficiently monitors customers, transactions and merchandise. Furthermore, with Milestone’s open platform software, security installations are ready for the future because more cameras, additional hardware and new solutions can always be easily integrated into the existing system. Milestone has a flexible licensing scheme that allows users to add one or many cameras while still using the same equipment. 


For a greater understanding of Milestone solutions for the retail sector please visit us at Retail Risk

It’s free to all retailers and takes place at Novotel London West