Five finalists in the running to win Community Kickstarter 2017

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Author: Toyah Hunting

Partner News

A couple of months ago, we invited community members everywhere to come up with a game-changing integration idea and win a prize wityh a value of more than USD 50.000 and a cash prize of USD 10,000.

The competition was tough, with qualified bids coming in from all corners of the world. Now, our Milestone Advisory Board has found five finalists. The winner will be announced at the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) 2017 in Texas on February 14.

“MIPS is a unique opportunity for these finalists,” says Mikkel Løcke Winther, Milestone’s Group Manager,  Product Management. Each of them gets a free EXPO booth, providing them with valuable exposure to the entire community of more than a thousand open platform community partners, resellers, integrators and end-users”.


Here are the finalists, in random order:

1. Autonomous Mobile Security Bot Squad

Integrating with the security force of the future

Some expect robots to replace many human security guards. Cathleen Larson and Bijoy Singha of Fort Worth, Texas, have prepared a complete turnkey Security Bot Solution that has an API integration with Milestone.

The robot is powerful because it can go out and look around, keeping security guards out of harms-way. With Milestone interfaces prebuilt, it will be easier for customers to add this security platform to their team. Customers can choose what they need the robot to do and it will be ready for video monitoring surveillance with Milestone. 


2. Open-source people-counting and virtual fence

CCTV for the IoT age with OpenCV and Milestone XProtect® 

Frederic Auberson in Switzerland proposes to develop an open-source solution based on OpenCV, with a simple people-counting and virtual fence functionality.

This simple solution consumes video streams from the Milestone XProtect server and publishes events to a NodeRED server. The events can then be consumed in NodeRED, from where several actions can be triggered. 

The article and the accompanying source code would allow an organization with an existing XProtect installation and with modest technical capabilities to expand their installation and automatically act based on detected video events. All of this is possible with only minimal skills, and modifications to the processing flow can be done with minimal effort.


3. Parking Spotter

Find a parking spot when you need it

Ever wasted time driving around to find a free parking spot? Ciurte Ovidiu from Romania wants to help peoplefind the closest available parking spot and parking owners to improve operational flows by gathering all parking places in a city/country in a single app. 

Parking Spotter will integrate with Milestone by receiving the video stream of the cameras surveying the parking lot, sending a No Parking Zone or car incident alarm to the Milestone Alarm Center and integrate with Milestone Map to exactly locate each event.


4. Security control for XProtect

Entry-level PSIM: Small systems handle alarms and devices from their camera management software

Alesys Srl from Italy wants to provide an entry-level PSIM solution:

With his integration, customer can receive alarms inside XProtect and view device position on maps from intrusion or fire panels. Alesys Srl aims to provide a unique user experience to all alarm devices, regardless of manufacturer or model. 


5. Asset of Things (AoT) 

Cataloging video with assets, messages and events

Every organization needs to track assets like inventory, vehicles. They often have numerous systems for this, depending on what they are tracking.

But imagine being able to track all these messages, events and commands to and from an asset) linked to video with a new tab in the XProtect® Smart Client. The Smart Client would also introduce a new tab to provide the ability to search the catalog of events, messages and commands based on time, camera, asset or person, all stored on the server.

“Being part of a company that uses, promotes and consults for companies wishing to use Milestone products, we had a keen interest in developing a system that would take full advantage of the Milestone ecosystem,” Salerno says. “We hope to provide the ability for many enterprises to extend they auditing capability and take advantage of the ability of assets to provide metadata for Milestone to consume and utilize. Being one of the finalists is enough recognition that we have a product that is useful and feasible. Through our exposure at the MIPS, we will refine our product based on user feedback and discussions with Milestone experts,” he says.


What now?

To prepare for MIPS, all finalists are offered a free Solution Design Review with our SDK development team. This is a one-to-one review where our experts go through the finalists’solution design,and integration idea. The aim is to prepare the finalists oin the best possible manner to present their idea and prototypes at the symposium.

And who will win? You’ll find out on February 14. “We really hope that the Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest and the process around it will help bring all of the finalists closer to having a market-ready product, and that they in time will become a Milestone Solution Partner. The winner will of course get more attention and the first prize, but they will all be part of our Milestone open platform community. Indeed, they already are,” Winther says.