Michaël Fontaine to become Country Manager for Benelux

Monday, 5 December 2016

Author: Hannah Marier

Corporate News

Michaël Fontaine, Channel Business Manager Benelux has been promoted to Country Manager Benelux in November 2016.

Michaël Fontaine has been promoted to Country Manager Benelux and in his first year at Milestone Systems, Michael has demonstrated that he can work short and long term with our key integrators, end users and eco-partners delivering consistent results and messaging.

He says; "I’m excited to lead the Benelux region and further strengthen the Milestone Systems Community. The Milestone Community exists because people trust us, and when people trust you, they want to do business with you. As the region’s new Country Manager, it is my goal to convert that trust into productive business relationships and measurable results."

With this change Michael, together with his team, will be responsible for strengthening the business relationship even further with our sales channel and community in the Benelux territory.

Contact information:

Email: mfo@milestonesys.com

Mobile: +31 654 142 113