Improving Search for License Plates

Monday, 17 February 2020

AXIS Optimizer forensic search plugin provides an efficient means to find video evidence in Milestone XProtect using metadata from automatic license plate recognition (LPR) from Axis and third-party vendors. VMS operators can save significant time and costs using this serverless, camera-based solution for a range of on- and off-street applications. AXIS Optimizer forensic search for vehicles is available to download for free (version 3.5 and up) at

LPR metadata boosts intelligence in video

Axis cameras with embedded LPR analytics deliver a broad range of metadata — such as type of vehicle, brand, color etc. — that is then stored as search criteria in the VMS database. This makes it possible to search for vehicle-specific metadata in Milestone XProtect derived from AXIS License Plate Verifier (ALPV) from Axis as well as from LPR ACAPs from Vaxtor and FF Group.* Having all data types aggregated in one VMS search database makes for quick, easy and efficient investigations. Combined, this gives XProtect users search results of video based on:

  • Vehicle type, brand, model and color
  • License plate number and country of origin
  • Date and time the video was recorded

Some of the use cases this solution is well suited for include:

  • Lane and traffic light enforcement control
  • Traffic management
  • Toll collection
  • Vehicular crime investigations
  • Parking lot security

Fast and accurate results

The solution allows users to collect important traffic data and manage all aspects, from automatically detecting license plates to getting forensic search results. Vehicle and plate detection, recognition and classification is performed inside the camera before being sent to the VMS. Using Power of Ethernet IP cameras to process and manage metadata keeps costs low compared to server-based processing.

Plus, each ACAP and camera are optimized to ensure high-quality video and analytics with optical zoom, autofocus, OptimizedIR, electronic image stabilization, shutter speed and other important camera settings. Depending on which ACAP is used, results typically deliver detection rates of >97% with up to 95% recognition rates.

How Axis Optimizer forensic search plug-in for Milestone XProtect works:

  • Detect. Recognize. Classify.
    Performed by the video cameras running LPR applications. Axis offers a range of LPR cameras optimized for specific use cases. Built-in LPR ACAPs include those branded by Axis and its partners.
  • Storage
    Milestone XProtect receives and stores all metadata. All in one place. In the familiar XProtect interface.
  • Search, get evidence
    The solution empowers users to quickly and accurately search for, find and export video evidence.

More details about the applications

Go to the links listed below for more details about the ACAPs available in the first version of AXIS Optimizer forensic search for vehicles.

* Note: ACAPs from additional third-party companies may be incorporated without prior notice.

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