End-to-end is a dead end

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Author: Tim Palmquist

Industry News

End-to-end is a dead end. That’s a provocative statement in an industry that has been run by giant companies protecting their proprietary offers, locking customers into using their own security products. End-to-end product offerings are limited and make customers vulnerable: they buy into the future risk of not being able to incorporate new changes.


End to End Video


At Milestone, we are really interconnected with all our partners – distributors, installers, system integrators, consultants, technology and solution partners – and with our customers. Milestone is no longer in the center, but rather a participant and one of many drivers within the open platform community.

Think about a typical small town. I’m sure you all are familiar with the image of a Main Street, its shops and businesses and school and doctor, where everyone knows each other and supports one another.

But let’s consider: how are small towns able to grow into big thriving cities? I think it takes two things:

  • leadership with vision
  • infrastructure to underpin and build upon so things can work.

Both of these facilitate growth, bring new opportunities, jobs, an influx of new people, etc.

With Milestone, the infrastructure of our open platform community is the API in our video management software (VMS). It is the purpose-built component toolbox for solutions to be created that add more value and innovation. 

Partnership first is a mentality, a lens through which to see and approach the world. And it has always been our business model. The open platform community is a philosophy that we live at Milestone. The philosophy of community is unlimited, and so is all that lies before us.

As of 2016, 1,265 Milestone Solution Partners have created third-party integrations with our VMS. Laser, radar, sound, traffic analysis, License Plate Recognition (LPR), car brand ID, gunshot location, live incident tracking, video synopsis, all the retail-relevant analytics like customer flow, queue management, heat mapping, digital billboards, and endless more. Our Software Development Kit (SDK) has been downloaded 5,500 times so far!

Milestone has pioneered the open platform concept and winning through partnerships, but now we are going to double down on this success by expanding into a more profound community focus: no more ‘walk the talk’ – let’s run! The road to the future is open. Let’s go there together.

by Tim Palmquist, VP Americas, Milestone Systems