Explore the Power of Video

Monday, 7 October 2019

Author: Tue Ingemann Paarup

Event News

Today, using video and video technology, we are able to optimize traffic in the biggest of megalopolises, prevent crime before it happens, and protect endangered species in even the most secluded areas of the planet. Used responsibly and for the good of (wo)mankind, video has the power to significantly increase well-being and quality of life. For basically all living beings on this green globe we call home.  

With the launch of the Power of Video campaign, we celebrate the many amazing opportunities video presents. Incorporating a series of events throughout EMEA and a brand-new, high-level promo video, Power of Video targets tech partners, integrators, and end-users alike.  

Together with AxisDell, and Intel we invite you to a roadshow across Europe and Middle East where we discuss modern video technology and together explore how it can help overcome business challenges in retail, transportation, and safe city. 

The campaign is a first of its kind. We’re super excited and hope you’d like to join the conversation by signing up for one of our October events. Feel free to bring along one or more of your clients. We’re an open community, so everybody is welcome. 

Register here: 

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