Explore XProtect® 2016 R3 at any time

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Author: Megan McHugh



The New Feature eLearning modules support the latest Milestone product release by providing free, easy-to-use, and quick learning on new features. They promote smoother transition for partners and customers by empowering individuals to be able to learn on their own. Having this knowledge free and available 24/7 allows partners to sell our products quicker and with more confidence and effectiveness.


To support the XProtect® 2016 R3 release, we have released the Exploring XProtect 2016 R3” eLearning course. In this free eLearning course, learners meet with a virtual team member to discover the details, use-cases, and considerations surrounding each new feature of our latest product Update in 2016: The Milestone XProtect 2016 R3 video management system (VMS) product suite.


After completion, learners will be able to list and describe the new XProtect 2016 R3 features that support

  • scalable high performance and low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • efficient end-user operation
  • increased protection from cybersecurity threats


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