Husky M30 approaching end-of-life

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Author: Toyah Hunting

Product News

Last day to order Husky M30

The last day to order a Husky M30, for new or extension sale, is July 31, 2018. After July 31, it will not be possible to buy a Husky M30.


Choose the plug-and-play Husky M20

The replacement product for the Husky M30 is our popular Husky M20, a plug-and-play NVR that supports up to 32 cameras and has an optional PoE switch. With a predictable installation process every time and the latest technology, you get a reliable solution for today’s security demands.


For SKU replacement, please see the Husky M30 end-of-life document linked to the end of this article.


Husky M30: Dates to remember

July 31, 2018: Last day to order

July 31, 2021: End of life

Husky M30 end-of-life document