Protect privacy without compromising security

Monday, 12 March 2018

Author: Toyah Hunting

Product News

Privacy masking is a feature that we launched in our first Product Update this year on February 20.

With regulations changing widely depending on the type of installation and geography, it is crucial that installations have comprehensive video recordings to protect assets and people while making sure no privacy protection laws are broken.

This privacy masking feature makes it easy and cost-efficient to maximize security without compromising privacy. It supports an unrestricted number of streams, works in both live and recorded video modes and is built into the VMS so users do not have to pay for a third-party masking solution. You can be certain of maximum security and full privacy protection with this ideal privacy masking solution.


What does privacy masking do?

The feature allows the user to select specific parts of an image and mask them to protect privacy in cases such as privately-owned assets and residence, car license plates that are not subjected to surveillance, people in the public space etc. An admin can then choose between permanent and liftable masks according to the specific need, making sure reviling what is behind the mask is possible only with the right user credentials, for instance, in times of investigation.


How it works

Our new privacy masking feature is highly adjustable, giving the user full control. Select the desired area to mask, select a mask type: permanent or liftable, select the masking level from a light blur to ‘solid grey’, and decide who can lift the mask when needed.

Once an admin sets a mask, permanent or liftable, it is part of the recorded video and will not be affected by any configuration changes done after the video has been recorded. For instance, lifting a mask for investigation purposes is done by entering the credentials of an authorized user only and is subjected to a time limit after which masking would be reapplied automatically, making sure privacy is well kept while evidence is available and authentic.

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