New MIP SDK released, check out what’s new!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Author: Mikkel Løcke Winther

Product News

A new version of MIP SDK is now available. MIP SDK 2016R2 comes with more support functions and code examples

The Configuration API will offer extended options for solution partners to do integrated management. It will enable partners and end customers to do optimized configuration deployment tools and management applications. It will also help service providers efficiently provision and manage customers in hosted environments.

Extended MIP SDK support for:

  • Camera management
  • Role and user administration
  • Rights management
  • Storage management
  • Mobile server load balancing


The following will be included in the documentation:

  • Code examples, like an updated version of the Milestone Configuration API Client
  • Examples to manage users from a browser or the Milestone Smart Client

This screenshot of the Config API Client illustrates what’s possible with the extended Configuration API



Two samples have been added to the MIP SDK:

  1. Smart Client AddUser
  2. Video Viewer without Admin

Configure camera motion detection

It is now possible to manage the camera motion detection setup and privacy mask as one item. This allows an operator to adjust the sensitivity.  

The motion API has the following properties:

  • Grid Size (as 2x2, 4x4,8x8,16x16, 32x32, 64x64)
  • Motion Mask - Privacy Mask
  • Sensitivity
  • Threshold
  • Key-frames only flag
  • Process image every ms
  • Detection method (normal (100%), optimized (25%), fast (12%))
  • Generate metadata flag

config API