Is your MIP Plug-in OEM Ready?

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Author: Anders B. Christensen

Product News

XProtect is being OEM’ed to other companies, by following a few simple rules, you can ensure that the same plug-in will work on Milestone installations as well as on the OEM’ed versions of XProtect.

For most OEMs, the key change has to do with the change of company name. This is visible in the file structure on disk, e.g. products will be installed in “Program Files\OEM-Partner-Name” instead of the usual “Program Files\Milestone”.  Within the MIP Environment the product names will also be different.

We recommend the following:

  • Install your plug-in in one of the general folders, like:
    • \Program Files\Milestone\MIPPlugins, or
    • \Program Files\VideoOS\MIPPlugins 
  • Ensure the plugin.def defines what application should load the plug-in
  • Avoid using product names for anything. Use product codes or the feature list in the LicenseManager to understand what a product supports.

MIP Plug-ins installed in “Program Files\Milestone\MIPPlugins” will be found and loaded when our OEM’ed versions of XProtect is loaded, even though they are located in another folder.

Check more in the MIPSDK documentation under ‘Plug-in integration’ page under ‘Plug-in Development’ side selection.

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