Free MIP SDK eLearning now available

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Author: Megan McHugh

Product News

 Learn how to develop plug-in integrations

We have added a new course to our Developing with the MIP SDK eLearning series: Developing MIP SDK Plug-in Integrations.

About the course:

The MIP SDK comes with a robust set of tools to create integrations to the XProtect® VMS suite. This course covers Plug-in integrations, which run directly in the XProtect VMS environment. This course will teach you how to:

  • Open and run the MIPPlugin template.
  • Create new types of XProtect VMS items with custom properties.
  • Create a plug-in that can communicate with an external system, including:
    • Reacting to incoming commands.
    • Sending commands.
    • Incorporating event handling in the rule system and the Smart Client map.
  • Create Smart Client plugins.

 Everything you need to know

We now have three courses available in the Developing with the MIP SDK series. The other courses available are:

  1. Getting started with the MIP SDK
  2. Developing MIP SDK Component Integrations

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