Help build a new Mobile SDK framework

Monday, 13 February 2017

Author: Toyah Hunting

Company News

In early 2018 we launch a new Mobile SDK framework. This will enable easier, faster and tighter integration with our Mobile services. We’re inviting you to work with us during the development phase to ensure a best possible interface.


Why we are doing this

The new framework we are developing will reduce the time and resources needed to develop new applications integrating the mobile services Milestone provides, while using a uniform environment spanning the entire Milestone Mobile product range, covering the three major platforms – iOS, Android and Web.


Come to the Mobile SDK TAP (Technology Adoption Program) workshops

We invite you to participate in a one-day workshop, either in the US or in EMEA, where we bring together a broad spectre of interested parties to discuss the hot topics around the creation of a Mobile SDK.

We have prepared a list of topics in the form of questions. Every one of them has at least two aspects – the Milestone vision and the partner view. The intention of the workshop is to put them on the table, discuss and find the best possible approach accommodating all:

  • What is the purpose of an SDK?
  • What is the current functionality of the MIP SDK?
  • What are the limitations of the Mobile architecture and Mobile server?
  • What are the current Mobile Server interfaces and capabilities (predecessors for a Mobile SDK)?
  • What does it mean to have the Mobile SDK developed for multiple native platforms?
  • What is the choice of technology (platforms, language, API design, etc.)?
  • What are the performance consumption issues?
  • What are the security considerations?
  • What are the Mobile SDK usage scenarios and needs?
  • What is the required and desired functionality?
  • What functionality should be prioritized and implemented first (Top 5)?
  • How is the Mobile SDK going to be developed and maintained?
  • How is the quality and stability of the Mobile SDK guaranteed?
  • What will be the lifecycle of the various APIs in the Mobile SDK?
  • Coding session: Develop a simple client with an alpha of the Mobile SDK in half an hour?
  • What is the timeline?
  • How do we communicate (Developer forum, contacts)?


After the workshops

The input from the workshops will be processed and an agenda will be drafted and used as an action plan for the entire duration of the program.

That action plan will include what we are going to develop and deliver as the first version of the Mobile SDK, as well as how we are going to achieve this in terms of process, structure, interfaces and deliverables.

The action plan will kick off the development phase of the Mobile SDK.

In that phase, Milestone commits to starting the actual implementation of the Mobile SDK, providing regular updates and beta deliveries to the TAP partners throughout the process.

The partners commit to starting their own development based on those betas and providing Milestone with regular feedback on usability and other relevant issues.

The result of this mutual collaboration will be the official release of the Mobile SDK v1.0.


Do you want to…

….influence the framework by providing your input regarding desired functionality?

….take this opportunity to create business opportunities?

…benefit from branding and PR with Milestone and the open platform opportunities?


Right now, we are selecting a number of partners with different profiles to ensure the broadest possible feedback.

We are looking for partners that fulfill the following requirements:

  • Works and develops using the pre-release versions of the Mobile SDK
  • Wants to actively embrace the chance to create new and innovative business opportunities
  • Will commit to delivering an integration using the new framework in Q1 2018
  • Wants to provide continuous feedback to Milestone on experiences and issues
  • Will actively participate in our dedicated Developer Forum for Mobile SDK
  • Ability to have at least one person participating in technical start-up workshops in the US (Milestone Beaverton office April 5-6) or in EMEA (Milestone Denmark office on March 29-30) We will start late the first day and end early the second, enabling you to fly in on a morning plane and leave in the evening the following day. 

We are particularly interested in partners working with mobile solutions integrating the functionality provided by the Milestone Mobile Server.

Does this sound like you?

Sign up as soon as possible

Participation is free of charge, but you cover your own travel expenses.