Make Safe Cities Smarter

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Author: Toyah Hunting

Case Story

Cities all over the world purchase centralized surveillance management systems to better protect their communities. Large city law enforcement agencies and city governments need to monitor and navigate video from hundreds or possibly thousands of cameras spread across a city or county, at all times. Theft, assaults, gang violence, drug dealing and terrorist attacks are but a few of the challenges faced by the police on a daily basis.

To keep people and assets safe, they must be able to respond quickly to active alarms, always have access to unbroken video recordings of critical situations and handle multiple system users with different access credentials.

Milestone’s award-winning XProtect® video management solutions can improve overall public safety by reducing response times and providing law enforcement agencies with the ability to handle emergencies in a more effective way.


San Lucido becomes a Milestone smart city

San Lucido in Italy is heavily dependent on tourism as a source of income for the local businesses. A high level of safety is a very important factor for being an attractive city to tourists and local citizens. Waste in the streets is a burden to the environment if it is not detected and disposed correctly and rapidly. The city also has to cover the cost of cleaning up and disposing the garbage left in the streets. With the Milestone video security system, they are able to write fines in case of illegal dumping and make sure to remove the waste to ensure a clean city for the benefit of inhabitants and tourists. 

The city’s plan to become a Smart City is a part of a larger project initiated by the European Union with the goal of improving the quality of life and making cities more sustainable. The Smart City concept overall includes making better use of resources and ensure less pollution. It means smarter urban transport, upgraded water supply and waste disposal, and more efficient ways to light and heat buildings. It also encompasses a more interactive and responsive city administration and safer public spaces.

San Lucido has entered the first phase of their Smart City initiative. In this phase they want to heighten the security level at all public areas to ensure a safe city for inhabitants and tourists. The focus is primarily on avoiding misdoings, graffiti and other destruction of public property. The city also wanted to become more environmentally friendly by finding a way to deal with garbage dumping in the streets. 


Milestone Mobile improves service quality 

Milestone Partner GSA di Guido Luigi based in Polistena RC, installed Milestone XProtect Express to manage a mix of motorized speed dome cameras and fixed cameras from Axis. The 36 cameras are located in public areas in the city such as streets, parks and public buildings. The city police and security managers of the different public institutions have access to the video security system, to ensure that the relevant authorities have situational awareness of the city. San Lucido also uses Milestone Mobile allowing police and security managers to remotely monitor the public areas. That enables them to check up on different locations even when they are not near a computer. A police officer out patrolling in one area of the city will be able to check up on other parts through a smartphone enabling the local police to always be on top of the situation. Officers will be alerted if an alarm goes off by the alarm manager in XProtect Smart Client or by getting a push notification in the Milestone Mobile app. The images received by the officers will be real time, giving them the possibility for rapid and more efficient response.

San Lucido city has recognized the value in investing in the future city and is already talking about rolling out next phase of the project: 

“We have taken the first steps to become a city of the future with the help of Milestone’s video software. We are also considering integrating Milestone’s software with other technologies such as license plate recognition and video analytics to become a true Smart City,” says Fabio Frangella, Security Councilor, San Lucido City. 

From Safe to Smart in 5 steps

“The way we see it, there are five steps to making a safe city a smart city, says Trine Voss, Head of Milestone’s Solution Partner Program. “The first step is ensuring public security by fighting crime with the help of camera surveillance. Public safety comes next, using video to rig and maintain the city’s public infrastructure for residents not to fall into harm’s way. Whilst doing this with surveillance and video management solutions, data can be consolidated and shared amongst police officials working together over large geographical areas. This data can in turn be put to use more intelligently, which as a final step makes the city smarter as efficiency increases,” Voss says.

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