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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Author: Kimberly Sallingboe

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Industries such as retail, banking and finance normally have operations deployed across multiple locations. When it comes to video surveillance, customers in these industries often need to monitor multiple sites efficiently and select the most cost-effective monitoring solution for the remote locations. This calls for a central management solution that can be customized locally and that gives customers the flexibility to deploy the most optimal monitoring solution at their local sites.

Milestone Interconnect, combined with the XProtect® VMS and Husky™ NVRs, is that solution. Consider how Milestone Interconnect can help customers in two key ways: optimizing their daily operations and selecting the most cost-effective surveillance solution.


Helping retail customers make the best use of staff

Retail chains can use Milestone Interconnect to monitor local sites, such as smaller retail outlets, from a central location. Shop managers and/or security and IT staff can save time spent visiting the individual store locations, and instead monitor them from the central hub. This centralized set-up can also reduce or eliminate the need for local security staff, thus saving money and valuable resources.


Meeting the demands for 24/7 security

In enterprises that require 24/7 video monitoring, employing round-the-clock security at each site can be a costly business. With Milestone Interconnect, companies can reduce the amount of security staff at local sites, and instead use remote monitoring of local sites, placing local guards on-call in case an incident occurs.

In both of these scenarios, Milestone Interconnect not only helps these organizations make the best use of resources, it also enables them to select the right software and hardware for the local sites. Instead of purchasing XProtect Corporate at all sites for example, they can instead deploy XProtect® Corporate at the main office, and use a combination of Milestone Husky™ NVRs and XProtect® Professional at the local sites. This approach will reduce the overall cost of their installation and make it easier to deploy the local systems.


Milestone Interconnect – now with a reduced price

As of Q2 2016, we have reduced the price for Milestone Interconnect camera licenses by 30%. This significant price reduction will make Interconnect an even more attractive option for your customers. There’s never been a better time for you to offer Milestone Interconnect.

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