New and improved Customer Dashboard

Monday, 21 March 2016

Author: Toyah Hunting

Product News

March 31: New and improved Customer Dashboard 

In our never-ending quest to make it easier to do business with us, we have expanded the scope of the Customer Dashboard, creating a one-point entry for all of your Milestone business management needs. As of March 31, the Customer Dashboard will act as the central hub for users who sell, install and maintain Milestone products. An easy overview of system performance, customers and licenses in software registration and test license management are all accessible via the user-friendly portal, making it easier than ever to manage Milestone licenses and installations.

Your overview

You can still use Customer Dashboard to get an overview of the status of your Milestone installations, keeping track of system errors and addressing them proactively before they disrupt your customers’ business. Only now, you can do so much more.

You can tailor when which kinds of email notifications regarding relevant system errors are sent to whom: Like when a camera has been down for a certain amount of minutes or only a specific technician needs to be alerted. This is a real time saver that also feeds information into system uptime reports, documentingasystem’s maintenance history.

Test licenses are also handled in this the new portal. Here, Milestone partners can generate test licenses supporting up to 25 cameras. These licenses can also be used by partners developing integrations, ensuring that these integrations actually work with the entire Milestone product portfolio.

Customer-centric Software Registration

In order to make it easier for you to work with your customer installations, customers are organized by name and location. You can also browse by license.

The Customer Dashboard is available to registered Milestone partners, available everywhere where there is internet.  Simply log onto My Milestone and follow the links, or navigate directly to the online eLearning portal for a self-paced online course or download our ease of doing business webinar here.

The Customer Dashboard section lets us monitor our installations in real time. We can see that all our sites are up and working, and if something does happen in that process, we get an alert so we can immediately respond to the problem.

Wade Pinnell, VP of VirSec Services and contract implementation manager for the Hyatt global CCTV systems